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Live Blog: A Day In The Life Of Steve Stevens
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I'm an employee of Horseshoe and worked the concert. Steve ROCKS on the guitar and did and EXCELLENT solo. I don't think I've heard any one jam to a YES song. AWESOME!!?!

14-Jun-13 11:36 PM

Dan Gibson    Said...

Steve, you were excellent! you, your wife Josie and her parent were a delight to meet and a joy to have at the Horseshoe tonight. it was an absolute pleasure serving as security for you all.

15-Jun-13 01:12 AM

Michael T. Davis    Said...

Thanks Steve for a great concert. Billy Idol did great vocals, and kept everyone in the crowd going the entire time. Hopefully you can add the song,"Shooting Stars" on the tour. My girlfriend Jeannine Griffith and I drove 3 hrs for the concert and glad we did.See you back in Fort Wayne,Indiana soon I hope. You and Billy should always play together. Together your the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of ROCK.

17-Jun-13 10:46 PM

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