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A Waldorf Wavetable Synth For Your iPad
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Audiosynth    Said...

Fantastic sounds and UI features.

13-Jun-13 02:44 PM

Leslie    Said...

Absolutely brilliant, worth every penny. Btw; Haven't seen Sonic Touch in ages... Missing it a lot :(

13-Jun-13 03:03 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

WOW. This is one awesome synth. And a lot of fun to use. Would love it as a VST/AU for $99

13-Jun-13 03:19 PM

Hellasaurus    Said...

Picked this up, have to say it is a total bargain!

13-Jun-13 03:32 PM

DarkVince    Said...

No hardware version yet...sad Or at least a VST for the non iPad owners.

13-Jun-13 04:57 PM

Spinisolate    Said...

It's absolutely brilliant

14-Jun-13 12:54 AM

raphus    Said...

Waldorf being Waldorf, they're writing iPad aps when all their Mac-using Blofeld owners can't make the promised custom wavetables and have to muddle through 1,000 patches without a librarian. And when promised hardware synths (Stromberg, Pulse 2) have yet to appear. If they're not going to take hardware seriously, at least they could write software for more serious platforms like VST, AU, or Rack Extension?

14-Jun-13 01:17 AM

Sean    Said...

Piracy is keeping people away from VSTi development, most developers write software for profit, ipad apps are delivering, simple deployment, good revenue return.

An ipad is almost essential now for any studio, from lemur and synth control like Omnisphere to sound modules like this or moog, it's basically a little sound module with a touch screen!

14-Jun-13 01:27 AM

Blake    Said...

Yes, I agree with Sean. Dishonesty and a lack of integrity are causing too many people to make up excuses for theft in the soft synth department. I don't like the trending move to iPad apps but I do understand why companies are doing it. This is a lovely synthesizer and makes me want to buy an iPad and an Akai SynthStation. ;-)

15-Jun-13 03:24 PM

ED    Said...

Where did Waldorf PROMISE there would ever be a Stromberg? It was just a case study. Probably won't happen.

On the other hand, Pulse 2 is in finalizing stages. It will definitely come out this year. And so is Largo 64-bit.

16-Jun-13 07:44 AM

loneraver    Said...

Dammit Waldorf! There is only one thing I want, Pulse 2! I love your Rocket synth and might pick up one AFTER I get a Pulse 2! I like the sounds of the Rocket but I want my hard metal case promised in the new Pulse.

16-Jun-13 06:48 PM

raphus    Said...

Waldorf gave a release date for the Stromberg, and lots of companies make money on SVT/AU softsynths that run on real, professional-level computers.

16-Jun-13 11:35 PM

Thruth    Said...

Unfortunately, you can find all those apps for Ipad also for free on the net.

Where the hell is the Pulse 2 :-)

17-Jun-13 03:56 AM

GTRman    Said...

Programming synths on an iPad sucks. Give us the real thing Waldorf. Buy the way where is Pulse 2? Nothing buy promises from this company.

17-Jun-13 06:57 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I just got Nave, and it's great! Like it was said earlier, a great little module with a touch screen.

I saw a Rocket today at the music store... I didn't play it, but I held it and it seemed well built, and it's only $329 Cdn. Not bad!

I am looking forward to the Pulse 2. I do love the Waldorf sound and hope they can continue to sustain themselves.

20-Jun-13 06:46 PM

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