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Apollo 16 Launches!
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Synth_Fan    Said...

Just don't get this product. It costs a fortune, but reviews have not put its I/O or ADC/DACs up there with Apogee or Benchmark - so why would one spend this money on an inferior I/O Spec when superior is available for the same money.

And - as for the UAD DSP on board - linked to an audio interface that will become out of date. Where's the longevity in that. I'd sooner just buy their DSP alone.

And - Thunderbolt as an expensive add on to an already outrageously expensive unit??

Overall, a very confused product - an I/O not quite good enough to provide pristine inputs to to drive the very best monitors and headphones, the same DSP as their otherwise far cheaper unit and Thunderbolt an expensive extra.

Bad, bad investment.

With the new Mac Pro's due to abandon USB and Firewire altogether, Thunderbolt will become a requirement for the future, so this will become an even more expensive as the Thunderbolt option becomes a necessity.

08-Jun-13 04:27 PM

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