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Harrison Mixbus Updated
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Atomic Shadow    Said...

I am about two hours in to trying to get this download installed and working. No success and no idea why it is not seeing the reg key that I saved to the desktop as instructed. Had I spent the time beating my thumb with a hammer it would have been just as much fun.

08-Jun-13 11:54 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

Update: Got the registration sorted. Now it cannot start the companion program called JACK that it has to use to route audio through the system. Instructions that come with this program are vague and confusing to my way of thinking. As I see it it would be nice if I could click and install icon and have everything "work". Not have to fanny around on a chat page, look for relevant information in two PDF manuals, a FAQ on the Harrison Website, etc. I have sent detailed info to Harrison support this morning will see what develops. I am afraid that this setup requires much more computer know how than I possess.

09-Jun-13 11:01 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

I did hear back from support with some suggestions but had no luck there either. hey responded again with instructions for pulling a string of data when the program tries to start. I sent that information to them last night.

10-Jun-13 06:33 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

After 3 days of emails back and forth it still is not working as of this morning.

12-Jun-13 07:24 AM

WhoBee    Said...

Just purchased this thing an hour ago and I'm having the exact same problems!

13-Jun-13 02:11 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

I have spent hours following their support instructions. Installing, re-installing, restarting, configuring, and what all. It just will not start up on my brand new Mac running 10.8. The people there are trying to help but my enthusiasm for the mission is severely depleted. I really wanted this to work but I think I will cut my loses, delete everything to do with it and move on. I have other sources of aggravation and little need of another.

13-Jun-13 12:01 PM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

They refunded my purchase yesterday with a pledge to get the problem solved and hook me up with a working product for all of the trouble.

14-Jun-13 08:14 AM

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