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Blog: Why I Made a Hackintosh and How
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Dave    Said...

Great article! If only we'd originally chosen Cubase eh...

03-Jun-13 11:20 AM

GTRman    Said...

Cubase on a Apple Mac Pro is the way to go. That is what I call a professional studio setup.

03-Jun-13 12:30 PM

Craig    Said...

There is nothing illegal about putting OS X on a PC. Why are you worried EULA? It means nothing. Tools are made with open source, even parts of OS X is made with open source. Thank god this is possible! Enjoy and be happy!

03-Jun-13 09:35 PM

Frank    Said...

Great to see original cubase being praised. I use cubase as a midi sequencer and I remember when you could have a PC back up on two floppies. I hope one day Steinberg will release cubase for the hardware midi people and all that other unusuable rubbish will be left off.

04-Jun-13 02:54 AM

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