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Visage Are Back After 30 Years
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Leigh Kemp    Said...

This is great news , On we go sounds amazing.

21-May-13 11:40 AM

frisco disco    Said...

pointless. Visage was a project in the first incarnation with some extremely talented musical input AND steve strange to front it. This sounds like a cash in to go with the flow of the current crop of electro clash style stuff made by the newer mob. What a waste of great analog synthesizers, time, energy and money.

22-May-13 06:49 PM

Jan    Said...

trying the same lame like the Human Leage, but they have at least some musical ideas. Jan

23-May-13 08:16 AM

i-hop bunny    Said...

Oh man this is soo lame. Steve strange doesn't look like he's in good shape. The mixes sound really messy, man. This must be for some booked up tour, cause the material is totally whack.

23-May-13 08:26 AM

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