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Tech Diary: On the Road With Vile Electrodes
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BMeister    Said...


I see a Korg Polysix in the photo, not a Juno 60. A temporary synth substitute?

20-May-13 02:21 PM

Spinkterbrain    Said...

As i remember it (As a punter), going to gigs & occasional hiccups went hand in hand together owing to machine malfunctions etc.. I'd like to think that we never achieve perfection because then we would forget the humanity & chaos side of live gigs. I see that with digital d.a.w's & vst's etc..that some of reality is already lost & younger people who never knew any different struggle to come to terms with the sound of new analogue gear that isn't quite that perfect & squeaky clean ! Good to see so many folk still flying the hardware flag. Cool.

22-May-13 04:09 AM

Simon    Said...

The Polysix has indeed stepped in to replace the Juno.. The memory recall gave the edge for the live use.. holding up well so far (touch wood)

25-May-13 02:57 PM

Martin Swan    Said...

The Polysix got the nod over the Juno 6, as the memories made it just more practical, with 4 other synths without memories to change between songs! The Juno 60 would have been the obvious choice had it's arpeggiator been working properly.

01-Jun-13 08:01 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Wow, loving the tune! I'll have to get more of their music! Gotta love that they have the guts to roll with proper analogue gear too - it makes a difference!

30-Jun-13 12:27 AM

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