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Learn Guitar With David Brent
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Bob    Said...

Every time he opens his mouth, the topic goes straight to him talking about himself within the first 10 seconds - as if we give a fuck what he thinks and who he says he knows.

20-May-13 06:08 AM

Sarah    Said...

Well done Bob, glad the comedy aspect of the clip flew past you at 100 mph.

20-May-13 09:14 AM

Bob    Said...

What comedy? You find this funny?

20-May-13 01:31 PM

Sarah    Said...

... you do realise that David Brent isn't real, right?

This clip has been produced for comic value, if you don't find it funny, that's fair enough but it seems like you're complaining that the character in the above 'comedy sketch' is always talking about himself.

21-May-13 12:09 PM

tim smith    Said...

Bob's comment was actually funnier than the sketch

23-May-13 04:46 AM

Justin    Said...

Hey Bob, you're either taking the piss or you deserve your own comedy show. Bravo!

25-May-13 06:28 PM

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