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New Instrument Combines Vocoder, Strings And Voice
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Emperorsnew clothes    Said...

An instrument no? More software yes. Sonic state please stop advertising software as instruments, why not just advertise correctly as 'Software representation of a synth/vocoder'?

17-May-13 04:38 AM

For Goodness Sake    Said...

When does an instrument cease to be software? Most hardware instruments except for pure analog, are now merely custom interfaces for operating systems, DSP and IO. Would you suggest that because something is software it cannot be an instrument? Even going way back, as I'm assuming thats where you are most comfortable, Fairlight, Mirage, PPG etc etc are mostly a software construct with custom hardware.

17-May-13 04:45 AM

Emperorsnew clothes    Said...

'as I'm assuming thats where you are most comfortable, Fairlight, Mirage, PPG etc ' how very selective of you , your assumption is a bit weird , so are your references to fairlight ,ppg etc. Those where very expensive top end gear but with a physical interface. Without a computer I would like to see this 'instrument' perform. My favourite synths, a jen sx100,mc 202,808.909,tb 303. 106 etc The software adverts are a joke, rendered images, etc The price of a decent computer to run them added to the 'Code' price ,makes buying hardware sensible.

17-May-13 05:47 AM

FGS    Said...

Ok granted, those were a bit elite.. Presumbly one would want to record the instuments -into a DAW or something. My point is that most people laready have a computer, they arent likely to buy one to run single software instrument. so that argument doesnt quite hang together. Yes, the sex up the graphics etc, but its marketing. Actually I do think hardware is making a resurgence and rightly so, it has great advantages. Though for the majority of people who dont have it, software instruments are fine, they can sound pretty flippin amazing - Xils labs being a good example of quality. Hardware ius sensible if - you dont want to use it outside of your studio setup, have the space and money etc. For the rest of us, software is convenient, innovative (in some cases) and reasonably affordable.

17-May-13 05:56 AM

Emperorsnew clothes    Said...

I have taught music tech,I have had many many 12's out in europe,usa etc. I have looked into all software and daws, and to be frank I think they are absolute rubbish.I use midi via cubase , and that is pretty much my use of computer based software . latency,no real time control and endless 'upgrades' etc still make being dependant on computers a daft idea. I have watched people get lost in 'plug in heaven' only at the end of the day to see no actual finished tracks, or vinyl releases. I am a musically productive person and I am seeing hardware again winning the day time and time again. MS20,Volca,Dave Smith,Acid Lab,Cyclone,Waldorf,these machines will be still running in 10 20 years time, I would like to see an example of someones 'software set up' that has more than 3 years life in it. I am connected to a lot of musicians and I do my own research watching em scratching their heads,upgrading. Trying to get synchronisation and timing issues fixed. New Operating systems knocking out old software they where happy with. I basically see software as the weakest link in the music making chain.No disrespect .

17-May-13 08:19 AM

Robin Masters    Said...

It's suppose to be about the creative expression of sound, right? If a midi controller controls a software "representation of" whatever synth, isn't it just a modern form of a musical instrument? I love analog synths ( I have more of them than digital synths) but I know the value of the digital world and in my opinion software like what Xils-Labs creates allows many musicians the opportunity to create vintage inspired music without shelling out $2000 for something like a Roland RS-505 (if you can find one). Even a DAW is an instrument in my opinion. Look at what you can create musically with just Logic or Ableton and a simple midi controller. Some of these new digital software synths are at a point where I dare you to tell me which one is analog and which one is digital in an A/B test.

17-May-13 02:59 PM

Adam    Said...

@ Emperorsnew clothes Wow, what an ignorant chump. Obviously not a real professional, and probably not very talented. The true artists are using these software instruments just fine, and making incredible new music. Yes it changes with upgrades, but so does life. Maybe it's time to upgrade your mind.

19-May-13 05:08 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Seems like a good emulation of the original, if a bit pricey for what it does. I'll stick with the Gforce Analog Replica String Ensemble which uses String Hybrid Instrument Technology.

19-May-13 09:33 PM

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