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Soldering Tips: How To Solder Properly
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DrRoss    Said...

Another essential is a "third hand" to hold parts steady helping to assure a good shiny solder bond.

17-May-13 03:30 AM

Hellasaurus    Said...

Good tips, you could also do much worse than take a look at the EEVBlog guides to soldering on YT

17-May-13 06:10 AM

Allan    Said...

Of course the "art of soldering" begins by pronouncing the word "solder" correctly.

17-May-13 07:28 AM

Doug    Said...

Nice article, Pat. Good technique is a requirement for good results. I have years of experience and I still learn something new from articles like yours. Thanks...

17-May-13 09:47 PM

Rick-Hayward-Ca.    Said...

Let me tell you guys something & know disrespect to the guy writing the artical..who ever invented this soldering station with a wet sponge is an idiot. its supposed to be a lazy way out of cleaning your soldering tip..I lived NW6 london 79-86... are shop teacher taught us to use steel wool while cleaning your tip.. try it and see the difference... sponge verse steel wool.. watch that tip shine..I was in Benecia, Ca. @ Dunlop and this pro Pedal builder use`s the the sponge station too... there`s a smarter & better way,see for you self.. Ive worked @ Lawrence livermore lab a time or two.. dont use the wet sponge?

22-May-13 05:53 AM

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