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Podcast: Sonic TALK 313 - In Space No One Can Hear You Strum
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PJ3RD    Said...

Why should i win it? well i'd love synthesizers and i'll like to try something new.

16-May-13 11:14 AM

audionerd    Said...

I want to win it because I'm really interested to see whether I can make something with it that comes close to the beginning of Michael Jackson's "Another Side Of Me"!

16-May-13 02:24 PM

audionerd    Said...

That should be Another Part Of Me.

Spotify link:

16-May-13 02:25 PM

mikebeck    Said...

I once ate a spectral cheeseburger, and now even my thoughts are synthetic. Hence, I need a tool to help express these things.

16-May-13 04:52 PM

Eau1983    Said...

I deserve to win Izotope's Iris because I'm going to do spectral synthesis remixes of Hannah Montana under the pseudonym "Mylie's Iris".

16-May-13 08:14 PM

Tom    Said...

I need to win because I went to school with an ugly girl called Iris. Therefore, I never liked the name. Getting this wonderful tool would be my chance to give new meaning to those four letters. Also, I liked the demo of course, wonderful synth.

17-May-13 01:26 AM

Warren Christiansen    Said...

Irises smell as bad as Iris sounds good. Therefore I should win!

18-May-13 01:42 PM

DJMoz    Said...

apparently Chris Hadfield recorded the vocal and guitar in space, the rest was tracked on earth by his friend, Emm Gryner, who played piano over his vocals

18-May-13 09:23 PM

Wildman    Said...

Music Technology has had an impact on space travel for a long time,it was an EV mic which amplified Neil Armstrong's famous words on his arrival on the moon's surface in 1969.

Did anybody think that Chris Hadfields vocal needed a bit of eventide's blackhole reverb?

19-May-13 12:38 PM

Arnie in Hawaii    Said...

I'm playing this back on Monday, May 20th Hawaii time. I bet if you give a copy of Iris to Bret Domino, he would incorporate it in a video that you could use for additional promotion. Just a thought. Sonic Talk is a fantastic web broadcast! Onward and upward.

20-May-13 02:29 PM

Loneraver    Said...

I'd like to win because I have missed an episode of Sonic talk in over 6 years and I've competed in both the sonic theme contest and This is How I Juno (I was one of the weird ones) but didn't win either. 

21-May-13 05:21 PM

zvukoprocessor    Said...

I only use hardware synths, but I find Izotope's Iris very interesting so I should win it so it will be the only soft synth that I'll be using

22-May-13 06:20 AM

chris    Said...

Just devastated my bank account by getting a modular synth, so could really do with some free stuff..

22-May-13 06:56 AM

loneraver    Said...

Stupid phone autocorrect. I HAVEN'T missed an episode in 6 years.

22-May-13 04:20 PM

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