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Two New Synths From AIR Music Technology
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Emperorsnew clothes    Said...

Couldn't stop laughing when I read the description ,quickly realising that these 'synthesizers' where not physical objects, inspite of the talk of vacuum and tubes and hilariously analogue. It is kind of like the scenario of someone having an imaginary friend who we have take seriously, this software can hardly have any claim to use ,analogue,etc.Computer host dependant software is the most credible way of describing this.The price is the most comical part when you can buy a MOPHO for 300

16-May-13 03:35 AM

brian from usa    Said... emulation of vacuum tubes seems pretty ridiculous to me as an electrical engineer who writes a lot of software.

16-May-13 06:21 AM

audionerd    Said...

Well, you know, they may have come up with something new in that regard. Personally I don't regard vacuum tubes or any electronic component to be unable to be modeled to a degree that is useful in a music performance setting.

Who knows; perhaps even simulating tubes badly but still in a novel way as far as synthesizer design is concerned, may yield funky results.

Would have been better though if they mentioned the modeled part, I agree. Yay marketing.

16-May-13 12:35 PM

hard tube    Said...

soft tube? virtual tube technology sounds a lot like a standard VA. That tube synth by metasonix sounds way different from the virtual tubes.

16-May-13 03:19 PM

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