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Sonic Touch 23: Session Interruptus
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PJ3Rd    Said...

Thnks Nick & Gaz!

14-May-13 09:57 AM

Chris    Said...

Gaz, u could just use the camera connection kit to have a way to xfer your recorded audio from a Zoom. The SD card xfer was one of the main uses for the CCK...granted it was for jpg xfer, but I wiould imagine u could see the .wav file and just drag it over... Chris

14-May-13 10:16 AM

Eau    Said...

Welcome back, gentlemen. Great show, as always. I'd love to see a show featuring the Behringer iSTUDIO dock (IS202) as it looks quite promising. Please keep up the good work, it's always appreciated!

14-May-13 11:06 AM

the other gaz    Said...

great show but disappointing that Gaz has cut his hair as this was becoming an entertaining feature of the show.

14-May-13 04:24 PM

U_loaf    Said...

hello nick and gaz. your show is awesome and really informative. Would you consider doing a review of SUNVOX? I have found this software to be the best way for me to compose music on the ipad so far. Have you checked it out?

16-May-13 09:42 AM

Gaz    Said...

Yeah a few people have commented about my hair. I'm a bit gutted really as I went to have a trim and I wanted a David Lynch style quiff and the hairdresser was a dappy type and cut my hair quite short! I want my mad professor hair back!

Hi Chris, no the CCK won't allow you to transfer music files. I think Apple are trying to get all music files through itunes it seems.

19-May-13 11:57 AM

paxtani    Said...

Are you guys planning on reviewing the Windows 8 (not WinRT) Tablets (ASUS TAICHI, SONY Duo, Lenovo Thinkpad Helix, Samsung ATIV) with music apps?

02-Jun-13 09:55 AM

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