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Master Music On Your iPad
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XmpLa    Said...

What's next an app that makes music for you so u can sit there and do nothing. What happened to spending years becoming a mastering enginner . People will soon be djing on 2 IPads and then there will be no point in watching a live act without someone playing a fucking instrument.

13-May-13 03:14 AM

tr101    Said...

and then this video needs to IMMEDIATELY segue way into Melodyne...... sheesh.

13-May-13 10:53 AM

Steviee111    Said...

Hey, that is why I've been practicing my instrument more and more. Computers are nice trappings as long as you don't get trapped. I would have loved to had this 15 yrs. ago to master and at this price!?

15-May-13 09:07 AM

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