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Vince Clarke On The MiniBrute
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GTRman    Said...

What would you rather be playing a Minibrute or the Roland Jupiter 8 sitting in the background. How much did Vince get paid for this spot.

10-May-13 11:48 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Who cares if he got paid for it? He's one amusing geezer. I cant believe he doesnt know what aftertouch is, but then again he spent most of his time using a BBC Micro to control his gear. Maybe Arturia added that in their to differentiate them from the competition.

10-May-13 12:37 PM

Aftertouchy    Said...

He explains aftertouch right after he says that, obviously just Vince playing dumb to mess with people. GTRman, if you follow Vince at all you know he does a lot more with tiny monos like MiniBrute than a huge poly like the Jupiter - the difference between you and him is he's talented enough to use both.

10-May-13 04:25 PM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Depeche Mode, Yszoo, Erasure bla bla bla.all of them are very old stories from the past but what did he in the last 15 years? no hits and only flops. No body is interested in what he produced in the last 15 years. Today he is only a hardware- collector. He would like that people remember him as the king of synht pop. That's the reason why he makes promotion videos for minibrute.

10-May-13 05:15 PM

Vince Clarke    Said...

Written any hits lately Dr. Filterstein? Hmmmm. didn't think so.

10-May-13 08:41 PM

Adam    Said...

@GTRman: Why do you always post the dumbest comments on here?

11-May-13 03:31 PM

GTRman    Said...

Adam, I just love annoying you. This is a comment area and this is what I think about musicians selling out for a quick buck.

11-May-13 09:03 PM

Gino    Said...

I agree, this guy has not done anything in years and needs the money. If you want a Minibrute there are tons of them on eBay being sold by people who made the mistake of buying one. Save your money for a real synth.

11-May-13 09:20 PM

Avant Midi    Said...

Try the Minibrute yourself. Then you know Vince is really digging it. The mini brute simply rock. He is definitely not paid for this...common guys..

12-May-13 04:48 PM

Voice of Reason    Said...

Honestly, you think Arturia have the kind of money that would interest someone like Mr Clarke? We're talking someone who probably could retire on royalties of all the pop tunes hes written over the years.

If we were talking Coke or Intel, then there might be the sort of money involved that would make sense.

So I doubt very much if its a money thing. But it is an uncomfortable segment nonetheless

13-May-13 03:19 AM

Thruth    Said...

I had a good laugh with some comments. That's the typical nowadays arrogance from the new generation. You can thank God on your knees that apps such as Fruity Loops, Ableton, ... and youtube (the place where they show you how to put a diaper on a baby lol)exist cause if you had to make your shit with the material he made his hits, you probably played all days on a pinball machine instead of producing music.

14-May-13 08:11 AM

Bob moog    Said...

How many f's in synth?

15-May-13 03:18 PM

Sardinia    Said...

Rather than getting the irony and humour in this video, we get the usual bunch of lame-o's mithering about their lack of career progress in a projective manner; you fool no one.

Vince Clarke is one of the few people in the business who has no airs and graces, and mostly shies away from the big "i am" and always has. Regardless of what he's done recently, why isnt he allowed to kick back a little. I dont see people throwing spit and shit at paul mccartney and so, who havent made anything amazing in over twenty years. What gives.

Cut the guy some slack, man. If it wasnt for him, the world of electronic music would be a lamer and quieter place all around. He has influenced more people than some of you know.

16-May-13 06:47 PM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

sardinia, Paul never did a Promotion-video for analog synths! we see hier a controversial and suspected Video, because Vince is a man without success since many years and tries to put lipstick on a pig !. he is talking about a cheap simple synth and aftertouch.aftertouch is a very old technik from 1970's ! It's very sad to see him in this cheap and boring video.

17-May-13 05:27 AM

AKA    Said...

He didn't need to know that aftertouch is a very old technique the 70's to make his hits.

17-May-13 07:21 AM

Andrew    Said...


Will you speak to me?

I'm a 100m user like yourself, with similar aspirations, and I've been dying to talk to you.

19-May-13 07:03 PM

Charnk    Said...

Vince seems like he doesn't know what he is talking about

09-Dec-13 12:19 PM

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