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Podcast: Sonic TALK 312 - Karl Hyde, Bionic Ear
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hui    Said...

MP3 link is broken...

09-May-13 08:48 AM


great show number 312 :)

12-May-13 02:31 AM

Dastardly    Said...

I love Sonic Talk, I listen in every week, so this isn't a criticism, more a suggestion - why not have someone younger on the panel? Yes, the regulars all have vast experience and know their onions, but it would be interesting to get the perspective of someone for whom (say) the MS20 mini is an entirely new instrument. Ditto things like the Korg Volcas - are new musicians who've never used a 303/808 (or perhaps even an electribe) excited about them? Do they care about analogue? What do they think about all the products/issues Sonic State showcase? Like I say, love Gaz and Dave and Mark, etc, and it's great to get the perspective of insiders, it'd just be nice to hear from people who were still chewing rusks when Underworld were big.

13-May-13 05:24 AM

Halfnelson    Said...

hi, i found your pod because i am listening to musotalk every week and noneric mentioned your pod some times. it is a great addition to musotalk and i enjoy listening to it very much even i do not understand every word. greetings from bremen/germany, halfnelson (

14-May-13 12:45 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

Regarding the OP-1, not only does the iOS device you carry + camera connection kit provide a nice MIDI companion for the OP-1 (or sample source playing apps into the OP-1 through audio in), but with a USB to wireless adapter (Apotop) you can backup your OP-1 tapes, albums, and samples/patches to the iOS device with a free app (no laptop). Give it a shot... no more lost files.

22-May-13 02:10 PM

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