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SmartMusic iPad App Released
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not_so_SmartMusic    Said...

The App description is incorrect on the Apps Store - it says it's compatible with iPad but is only iOS 6 compatible - so it CAN'T install on iPad, only from iPad 2 onwards.

It is also not available for iPhone.

Finally, checking their web site, it appears that this is not a free app, rather it's a front end to purchase their otherwise very expensive content.

Overall, a very misleading and dubious promotion - I just wasted 30 minutes checking it out on my iPad, iPhone 5 (@ iOS 6) and ultimately could not access it - farcical!

08-May-13 06:38 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Yes - anytime an app requires a subscription, you know it's going to cost.

It would be nice if there were free previews of new materials.

09-May-13 07:58 AM

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