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Giorgio Moroder On Daft Punk Collaboration
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Sammy James    Said...

Giorgio is an amazing human being. Here we have a person who is as devoted to art as he is to youth, technology, and the future. And he is no spring chicken -- physically. But his mind is sharper than a Louis Armstrong high C.

I think about Moroder and how he did these amazing things back in the 1970s -- years before today's big-hit chart toppers were even born. He is 73 years old, and still has that spark in his eye. He tells it like it is -- we need DANCE music. Any form of music that ceases to be favored by dance-crazed kids ALWAYS becomes passé.

Think about it -- rock 'n' roll, jazz, classical -- these are all gathering dust in vinyl and CD bins all over the world. But every day, people rediscover disco and electronic music from the 70s and 80s, and they say, "hey -- this stuff sounds modern! It sounds like it hasn't truly aged!" And this is because it hasn't aged -- it has taken on new life, and has inspired millions of us to create more stuff based on the original sound.

We have an opportunity now to take this zeitgeist and improve upon it. We can do this if we keep on moving forward -- using the power of digital instruments to advance a new sound. We can do this. I believe it.

Thanks for posting this, Sonic State! This is why I keep coming back to your site daily.

- Sammy James

07-May-13 10:46 AM

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