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King Korg Is Now In Stores
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loneraver    Said...

It's a great sounding synth that's coming out at a bad time. Their biggest competition is their own other synths.

03-May-13 07:33 AM

GuestKT    Said...

Trying to find more audio demos but... More than timing, probably it just doesn't have enough hands on controls and it is priced too high with only 2-timbres. Same price you can buy two new real analogue synths like Bass Station 2 plus korg MS20mini and have £100 spare change. Or other combos like a mini brute and a tetra for a total of 5 versatile timbers... Or a subphatty and volca stuff? Yes 24voices polyphony but for only 2-timbers who cares

04-May-13 01:33 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

I am very intrigued with this synth but something is holding me back from buying it. I cannot put my finger on it but there is something telling me that this synth will not added anything new to my studio.

06-May-13 09:17 AM

raphus    Said...

What's holding me back is that it's ugly and appears flimsily made (based on videos and reviews). If it had more knobs/sliders and was 4-part multitimbral with effects on each part, I'd be tempted to replace my Ion.

06-May-13 03:04 PM

PlaNiT G    Said...

Say what you like about Korg. At least they're thinking out of the box. Big fan!

16-May-13 03:04 AM

Peter K.    Said...

A buddy of mine has one and it's a pretty cool instrument. It feels like a Krome; so it's alright but lightweight and kinda plasticky. It sounds really good though, and the controls are quick and intuitive. It's like today's version of a Polysix.

The controls feel okay but the sound is very smooth and free of stepping. It's a decent board that sounds great. Light weight, good value.

26-May-13 12:42 PM

miekwave    Said...

I own 6 or 7 korg products and a bunch of their software products.

Played kingkorg this for at least 30 minutes on three occasions at local synth shop. I was impressed with its live performability. Keys respond nicely, knobs and mod wheel feel nice.

Unfortunately its not very studio friendly, it has crypic controls and changing midi channel requires more button presses than id like.

The only thing keeping me from purchasing this I cannot justify the price given its featureset. I can see this selling for 900, then I might buy.

27-Jun-13 02:28 AM

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