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Novation Bass Station II - World Exclusive In Depth
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zvukoprocessor    Said...

this video is privet???

01-May-13 01:58 PM

Tribrix    Said...

video is set to private

01-May-13 02:05 PM

SoundX    Said...

To "Triprick" I wish someone would set you to private. And seal the air holes of the box your in.

01-May-13 02:14 PM

Tribrix    Said...

lol . . . such wit and depth.

01-May-13 02:47 PM

S R D    Said...

in a word..NICE!

guys, the novation nick said it was £399 at the end of the vid and you guys are giving it an extra £100 in your description immediately below.


01-May-13 04:53 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

AH!!! Finally, a proper (and in-depth) demo if this "little" new Novation baby :)

ok, now I can say I do like it (uh surprisingly enough, 'cause I was kinda ready to not likey ;))

Thanks Nick for revisiting this properly and doing the right questions (to the right people) so thanks to Novation too for giving us all a better demo :)

01-May-13 05:14 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

GREAT VIDEO, so excited by this! I want it now!

Cheers Nick, so glad you are doing this!

01-May-13 07:36 PM

Sean    Said...

Nick rules. The best at asking relavent questions on a new synth product. Major thanks!

02-May-13 02:46 AM

Pedro    Said...

Questions: Are MIDI CCs assigned to the the knobs and sliders or to the parameters? i.e. Can we send 4 CC values from the envelope sliders and 1 from the envelope switch or 8 CC (4 with the switch to AMP ENV and 4 with the switch to MOD ENV)? Can we assign any CC numbers to any controller or it's hardwired? For example I want to control AMP and Filter envelopes of the Blofeld with the sliders of the Bass Station. Can I assign sliders in AMP mode to output CC 101,102,103,106 and in MOD mode CC 95,96,97,100 or they have their own hardwired CC numbers? Great review BTW. Thanks

02-May-13 06:10 AM

GTRman    Said...

Very, very cool bass synth. I am happy to see smart modern features for a change like patch storage & full size keys. Look out Minibrute & Korg MS20 Mini-mouse keys.

02-May-13 06:57 AM

It rules    Said...

Thank you Nick for this perfect presentation of this synth. Now, it's all much clearer and the sound examples are great. This is Novation as we like.

Thanks a lot!

12-May-13 12:24 PM

Zaphod    Said...

Thanks for your attention to detail in this review Nick.

Interesting, I picked up about the Pulse Width can't be done on all waves on an Analogue Synth.

I have a Akai AX-60 which is fully Analogue with Pulse Width available on all waves.

This is a documented feature by the way, not just me thinking it has this.

Granted, it is a rare feature, but it proves it can be done.

19-May-13 10:23 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Thanks for the review Nick!

I think it would be great if they could use the transpose button in conjunction with the shift button next to it to implement a tap tempo function. You could hold shift with the 2nd finger of the left hand, and tap the tempo on the transpose button with the middle finger. All they'd need to do is a) code it and b) make a minor cosmetic addition under the transpose key, marking it as a tap tempo shift function.

Otherwise seems like a blazing good value. Like the best bits of the Minibrute combined with many of the features of the Sub Phatty and even some of the vibe of the new Volcas thrown in for good measure. I'm really excited to see this synth in Canada!

19-May-13 11:47 PM

NFOX    Said...

...Sold.... That's me 400 quid down in June!

22-May-13 12:32 AM

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