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30 Minutes of Prophet 12 Sounds
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Brage    Said...

FYI, the prophet 12 does NOT have dco's. It has purely digital oscillators, not digitally controlled analog oscillators (dco). It is the first dsi synth to feature ONLY digital oscillators. I have no issue with that, btw. Seems like a sensible tech-decision, that will make the instrument several magnitudes more versatile and complex.

01-May-13 08:31 AM

Glenn Cassidy    Said...

The sounds have presence, drama and a spatial airiness. Love it.

01-May-13 08:52 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

Digital OSC is what makes this synth unique. I have plenty of analog synths in my studio. This is just what I am looking for,something different, with fresh new sounds to work with. Five octave full size keyboard, patch memory, tons of knobs & controllers, 12 voices, analog filter, built in delay, and them character knobs were a great idea. Fantastic job Dave, very innovative. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these.

01-May-13 11:40 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

I cannot count the times that I have seen companies slammed on the Internet because they aren't doing anything "new". Dave comes along with thing and gets slammed for not having VCOs. That is bullshit. The P12 has a fantastic sound that can be very warm and analog like if that is what you want. Plus it can go places that no other polysynth can reach. It is new. It is innovative. I will make it mine one day. Oh yes, it will be mine!

01-May-13 12:55 PM

Axial    Said...

For once I can agree with you "Atomic Shadow". Whilst I disagree with you vehemently on your perceived issues with Analogue Modeling, Dave has indeed created a great synth. This whole issue of Analogue vs Digital is beyond stupid. For those who actually understand the science behind it, there is little debate. Most others simply follow some moron that claims to understand sonic differences. Are there differences, certainly, yet there as many analogue synths that sound horrible as there are digital variants.

01-May-13 02:12 PM

whitenoise    Said...

This sounds amazing! I think it might really be king of the polys! I liked the moment of classic Dr. Who he snuck in there

01-May-13 02:50 PM

THEXCEE    Said...

where are the majestic poly analog sounds?! the P12 is THE machine for these styles! i´m dissapointed. only "modern styles". my polyevolver shines in comparison to these sounds. well, the polyevolver badly needs a fith voice, but his 4 voices are awesome. therefore the P12 could fullfill this gap and produce something wide and great. if i had the money i would play them both. pointed to all new p12 owner, go on and programm something big beside a twäng, or cräcl, or brong. Do something majestic, the P12 will offer you!

01-May-13 03:58 PM

THEXCEE    Said...

where are the majestic poly analog sounds?! the P12 is THE machine for these styles! i´m dissapointed. only "modern styles". my polyevolver shines in comparison to these sounds. well, the polyevolver badly needs a fith voice, but his 4 voices are awesome. therefore the P12 could fullfill this gap and produce something wide and great. if i had the money i would play them both. pointed to all new p12 owner, go on and programm something big beside a twäng, or cräcl, or brong. Do something majestic, the P12 will offer you!

01-May-13 03:58 PM

Dilrian    Said...

Sounds a lot like a KORG workstation type keyboard.

01-May-13 10:12 PM

S R D    Said...

this really is something special in my book. More so, because ive got analog AND digital synths, but nothing to my knoweldge has THIS blend of things going on, in the marketplace right now. I see it as a sort of modern day matrix 12/xpander, with a similar versatility...and much much more besdies. It's instantly grab-friendly, tweakable and to me it sounds REALLY TASTY.

I hope to get one and start using it this year, if possible. I hope they can meet demand, cause this, the bass station 2, and the mini ms20 look like "the go to" synths of the year

02-May-13 05:43 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

Axial- I don't have any issue at all with analog modeling. In fact I think the King Korg sounds excellent and can replicate a closet full of fussy vintage polysynths well enough that no one would be able to hear the difference in a mix. I was only speaking to the debate about digital oscillators verses "real analog" oscillators. Making a 12 voice polysynth with discreet VCOs is possible. It's called a Schmidt and costs $19,000. The P-12 sounds incredible. I played one on three different turns at NAMM and was really impressed with the range and quality of the sounds coming out of it.

02-May-13 10:01 AM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

Atomic Shadow, Schmidt-synth dosen't have vco`s.It works with dco's. Mr. Schmidt himself mentioned dco's of his Synth in several interviews.

02-May-13 02:26 PM

gridsleep    Said...

Tired, not wired.

Also I wish you would change this comment tool so it wouldn't take you away from the player. You either have to stop listening to leave a comment, and lose your place, or wait all the way to the end. Rather primitive by current web standards.

02-May-13 11:19 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

A fantastic synth. However, Dave Smith says its his best sounding synth, and I cannot understand why he would say that, unless for pure commercial reasons.

Firstly the P5 Rev2 has an iconic sound, embedded in the history of music. And for good reasons - its an astounding sounding synthesizer. Also, I own and use a Prophet T8 and Prophet10 and both sound truly magnificent. In a pure analogue sense, they are a pinnacle. In particular the control of pure analogue via polyphonic aftertouch is a unique sound that even the P12 is not capable of.

So to me, the P12 is an exquisite synthesizer, definitely worth pursuing, but from all of the demos I've heard it sounds strong, versatile, clinical but it is definitely devoid of the organic depth and character of the original Prophets - you're not getting the sound of a classic Prophet or anything like it in this instrument and so cannot understand (or agree with)Dave Smith's judgment on this (except that he's stating it on purely commercial grounds; which when I heard him say it made me recoil and it genuinely felt like a bit of a sell out). I am not being purist about this - I'd love this instrument - but it is far from his best sounding synth and cannot understand why he'd say that.

05-May-13 08:24 AM

Studio139    Said...

This synthesizer sounds great. Argue as you may about the oscillators, it still sounds like a prophet and sounds like an instrument you want to create with. I can't wait to get one.

06-May-13 01:26 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hi Gridsleep, good point, I can take a look at that at some poin.

07-May-13 02:25 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Studio139: Agree it's an excellent synth but it does NOT sound, in any way, like an original Prophet. I'm only saying that in case some this that's what they are getting. The difference in sound between this an an original Prophet couldn't be greater. It need not be called a Prophet - it's a totally different sound. But I fully acknowledge - a first rate, truly wonderful synthesizer on its own, separate, merits.

09-May-13 04:07 PM

Adam    Said...

Nope. I'm not impressed with the sounds Mr. Smith. This has been done before. I don't get why you would do it. This could have been saved by DCO's, maybe.

11-May-13 03:29 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I just copied and pasted the web address into another tab and I can write and listen at the same time. Problem solved! :)

I think this is an amazing synth, and I do think it will do a credible job of traditional analog sounds if you try to push it that way. For those of you that aren't happy with it because it isn't analog, don't forget that you can buy a Mopho x4 and poly chain it to a Tetra for a great sounding 8 voice synth. I have done exactly that and I can tell you that it sounds great!

Also, one could purchase two or three Tetra (find a used one or a sale when money allows) and midi up the three of them to this beast for the best of both worlds. I guarantee that NOTHING will out fat that!

In one of the videos on the DSI website, Dave played a patch that sounded remarkably close to the classic P5 sync sound. I bet it can be done...

20-May-13 12:08 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I am compelled to add that this instrument does not sound like my Wavestation SR, nor my Kronoses with the Karo Wavestation library loaded. It moves and snarls (at times) in a different way, though I love the WS.

I'm with Atomic Shadow on one point in particular: everyone complains that no one is doing anything different, and Dave lays this beast on us, and all that many of us can do is complain because it's not 100% analog.

I think this is and will be an incredible instrument when it arrives. I really can't wait to see it. I hope it does well for him.

20-May-13 12:11 AM

BadJew    Said...

Why not buy a TI2 Virus,lol?I mean come on folks,the P12 has that digital sound to it,lol.The Virus has loads more capabily.I bet a good Virus user could get damn close to the P12.Maybe not on par,but damn close.Lets also not forget how digital the P8 sounds when you started to toy with the presets.I belive the same thing will happen,once you toy with the P12 presets.I have aTempest,and I love the sound,but the P12 sounds too digital to me,like my Virus.Eventually,every company will be a VA synth maker.You can only make so many analog synths,and eventually you have to bite the bullet for your companys sake.This is what the P12 is,a comprimise and a new product to compete with the Access virus.

15-Jun-13 04:49 AM

BadJew    Said...

Also,look on Ebay at the loads of DSI synths.Now cross reference to Elektron and Access Virus.That speaks volume people.I'm a Dave Smith lover,but why should I spend #k on a synth when I can buy a Virus that more capable,and doesn't have a flakey soundtower program,lol.Those who own Tetra and mopho with contest with my argument.The P12 is a synth for the stage,not the studio where bedroom dwellers use Daws.Virus is total intergration to your daw,it can't be beat.I'm sorry DSI i'm keeping my Tempest and Virus,they're a match made in heaven.

15-Jun-13 04:55 AM

BadJew    Said...

Sorry for the bad grammer,but my kepboard isn't lighted and I don't want to turn on a lamp.It's my lazy day today,Sat.Been making some "epic" beats fellas.Check out my videos on youtube:

15-Jun-13 04:58 AM

NicBela    Said...

Hi, I have a hate/love relation with Dave Smith products. I own 3 keyboard. All have hardware or software problem . With the poly evolver encoder edition I have the encoder problem everyone knows about. I founded the price asked for the pot kit was just to expensive. I bought the evolver edition keyboard to find it have very annoying software bug, call Dave Smith Inc. To be told they know about it and maybe one day they will work a new update...All this to say I feel that they use us as beta tester, ask us to pay for there error, have no respect for there supporter...Never had such problem with Clavia, Roland, Yamaha. Professionnels in my country don't trust D.S no more...

15-Jun-13 01:36 PM

Paul    Said...

I hate to say bit i've had one ofested!s gonna go so if anyone is inter these for a month and, i dont like it. It sounds too....glassy? Really wanted to love it but it

01-Sep-13 01:35 PM


Sorry previous comment came out all wrong. Was trying to say its not for me so if anyone is interested let me know

01-Sep-13 01:37 PM

Mehher    Said...

I have to say, fairly boring and overly digital sounding. I know it's not analog but I would even say that Waldorf Q+ sounds more juicy than this. I wouldn't say it sounds inspiring. I would still take this over Alesis Andromeda, which I had years. It was hell to program and sounded not good for the price. Well it was one of the best looking synth and expesive, that's why many keep them. But matter of taste, not my cup.

24-Jul-14 11:32 PM

biatch    Said...

Bunch of crocodile mouths...No other synth has found so soon, so much bullshit from people with an ear in front of the other...Normally, lack of programming capabilities is the main problem. For the rest,...try to find a T8 for less than 6K...or buy Omnisphere, Diva, Messiah,... The Prophet 12 is probably one of the best programming interfaces in the History of synths... This said, I would have preferred the couple of filters in Pro2 and its delay bucket, also in this 12...or even a digital gooood filter emulator at the end of the filtering chain (a la Solaris, Ion, King Korg...). This option should be a MUST in any new flagship synth of today. For sure, be prepared to pay all those in the Modulus 02... And I agree...the need for a aserious VST integration of DSI synth is a MUST. Not rocket science, pleaaaase. Sincerely, if I could let myself to expend 3500....I would go for a Solaris...with the risks that it carries (price and distribution costs, future potential failures repairing, spare parts, etc...). But...just say only one alternative proposal in the market on the same range/capabilities...Come on guys, the Ti2 is also in 2500 Euros!! And for sure, their costs are quite lower than their price range! At least..Modulus02 is a high level product...and so it is priced...for UK high budgets only, in GBP.

10-Dec-14 04:20 AM

symbiotek    Said...

ERM it does have DCO`s The PA397, it is basicly a cem3374 in a customised package for DSI.

19-Jan-15 11:05 PM

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