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Podcast: SONIC TALK 310 - Analog Special
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wilinux    Said...

Long time listener (rather listen than watch) - the mp3 link is broken :( Thank you so much for putting this show together - I've been addicted ever since I discovered it... Have a fantastic day :)

25-Apr-13 04:36 PM

hui    Said...

MP3 link:

25-Apr-13 11:17 PM

Oranj    Said...

Hi, I thought it was a top notch show this week. Really went into some interesting concepts.

Must also congratulate you on the recent Musikmesse coverage. You really worked hard and gave us some great reports this year.

26-Apr-13 12:41 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

Nice mention of the Teenage Engineering OP-1. I just got one and it is amazing: full portable studio (4 tracks plus bouncing), tape FX, groove box type control, 8 synth engines, incredible sampling & controls, regular feature updates, easy computer management... go get one if you have the means! The rest of the show was very entertaining as usual... good stuff.

08-May-13 04:52 PM

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