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Silicon Transistor Fuzz For Guitars And Synths
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huh??    Said...

i don't think the youtube link works right, seems to play psy trance

23-Apr-13 04:02 AM

Tim Webb / discchord    Said...

Ha! Maybe you need to check your router.

23-Apr-13 09:12 AM

Eau    Said...

The link is fine. IF you care to watch the video for more than a few seconds you'd see that the Vanishing Point is clearly being featured.

Cool vid, nice fuzz.

23-Apr-13 12:02 PM

Jesse J    Said...

Thanks for demoing the fuzz on a synth!

Featured this in the "Guitar pedals on Synths and Drummachines" -group on Facebook.

Please join in!

23-Apr-13 10:33 PM

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