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New UK-Built Hardware Analogue Mono Synth
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Just Me    Said...

They must be dreaming. £995 ??? from a no-one-knows-you synth maker, monosynth that costs double the cost of a Minibrute, MS20 Mini, and more expensive than a new Moog Sub Phatty?

£995 with having to wait 2 months after a deposit (before you get it).

They have a lot of Audio Demo and Video convincing to do to justify that price, so far only 3 so so audio demos.

22-Apr-13 02:58 AM

GTRman    Said...

This is a boutique synth not a mass production synth like the Minibrute. This synth will sound unique, not the same as the thousands of Minibrutes that are out there. It is well worth the price if you want to stand out in the crowd, be different, but if you would like to sound just like the masses get a Minibrute. It also is made of real wood and metal no plastic. I myself will take a look at this synth. I do wish it had patch memory. That is a must for todays musician.

22-Apr-13 06:55 AM

fatdust    Said...

i am sorry but this sounds anything but unique. ladder filter is moogish, and.... it looks nice cost so much sound familiar... its for people with taste better than perfect and with money more than enough to spend . to me its seem to be something like plastic bag from dolce gabana so it does have to cost fortune. for low number production still good price but not for me, you, him, her or anybody else you might think of

22-Apr-13 10:32 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@GTRman Firstly, that synth looks rubbish. It's ergonomics are awful. The position of the Pitch Bend wheel is horrid. Secondly, there's absolutely nothing unique about the design of thsi synth - it is UTTERLY standard - I have no idea what the manufacturer, or you are talking about. given its bog-standard layout, just how different can it sound even if there are some tricks up its sleeve. And - isn't the Minimoog broadly regarded as superior sounding than most if not all other monosynths - so how is this going to compete with that. Just how good will this sound? Overall, the minibrute looks better, is far more versatile in capability, has a very strong sound, has far more currency about its look and integration into a modern setup and is half the price. is "UK-build" meant to meant something?? If so - what? This synth is destined to become a non-event, with a few build for the occasional quirky aging rocker or millionaire. Other than that, nobody gives a damn.

23-Apr-13 08:47 AM

Mark    Said...

OMG... Little company builds a monosynth. Lets bag it out, just for the sake of it. Then lets all go out and buy MS-20's and Minibrutes at a price this little company can't match, so we can sound the same as all the other ten thousand people who bought a Minibrute or an MS-20...

Synth_Fan, you should learn to spell. Such an endeavour would be a better way to spend your time then ranting about something that really doesn't matter... If you like the Minibrute, go buy one and stop whining...

23-Apr-13 10:18 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

@Mark (accepted - I typed my last post too fast and should have corrected spelling - apologies for that).

Nevertheless - the points are earnest and valid. The company themselves claim this to be a "unique design". That's simply false - it's a standard analogue synth and they did not design that. Similarly GTRman (who seems to be associated with the company) makes similar claims of uniqueness.

Good luck to the company - nobody wants to see a synth company fail here - but claims of uniqueness and "standing out from the crowd" are misleading if not false; while the basis for demanding an extremely high RRP are equally dubious.

Had this instrument promo attempted to sell itself on its true merits, and at an honest price, then responses would not be sceptical and perhaps positive. But that's not what's being presented here. It comes across as disproportionate and outlandish (and that in itself injects even more doubt about the genuine quality of the instrument).

23-Apr-13 12:30 PM

Em-Eye 6    Said...

Russian scammers...

23-Apr-13 01:51 PM

Mark    Said...

hmmm... Lets think about this: Mass slave labor Chinese production vs very small UK production... Do the economics... The small UK company has to pay a lot more for all the components, its factory line will be smaller and thus less efficient and it has to pay its workers a decent wage... Everyone knows that third world mass production is ridiculously cheap. You get people who work long hours for next to nothing, more efficient and Specialized production lines and cheap components, as they are bought in bulk.

24-Apr-13 10:51 AM

Mark    Said...

And considering that unemployment is so high in the UK and your government is forking out all this money to pay all the unemployed peoples benefits... You people shouldn't be complaining about something built in your own god dam country, giving a Brit a job.

24-Apr-13 10:56 AM

Peter K    Said...

The pics on their website look much better, but the lack of a pitch wheel concerns me.

24-Apr-13 11:35 AM

Zed    Said...

I've heard softsynths that sound better.

24-Apr-13 11:25 PM

Senescenct    Said...

"Lets think about this: Mass slave labor Chinese production"

Let's think about this: someone using hyperbole (or making a grand statement completely out of ignorance) to make a point loses the argument.

25-Apr-13 07:16 AM

GTRman    Said...

Mark you said it right, thanks. Synth Fan you need to get a life and stop trashing synths you never even played. Go out and buy your mass produced synths and sound just like everybody else. I myself like quality and hand crafted instruments. This one looks like a winner to me.

26-Apr-13 06:51 AM

rezazel    Said...

"the other ten thousand people who bought a Minibrute or an MS-20... " I honestly don't think those synths will sell even 2500 each...

03-May-13 03:34 AM

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