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Another Compelling Reason For Korg Volcas
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Beep    Said...

My music is always based on 1 bar loops. Lots of them to be honest. :) Going to get the drum thingy...

15-Apr-13 11:37 AM

j.    Said...

Too bad the music in the demo sucks. I hate that dance music always gets aligned with analog synthesis. God knows it didn't start there.

15-Apr-13 11:50 AM

mibolux    Said...

Self-tuning function (Volca Bass and Keys only) Until now, the problem with analog synthesizers has been that the pitch would drift over time, or because of changes in temperature. Volca solves this by providing a Self-tuning function that constantly tunes the oscillators. You'll never need to tune during a performance, or wait for the pitch to stabilize after turning the power on.

You've got it? Haha

15-Apr-13 11:53 AM

thatchersdeadhurray    Said...

Most the important and ground breaking electronic music has been done on basic equipment.The one bar loop is no different than the three chord wonder. I am an owner of Korg gear and rate their gear very highly. Well done again korg.

15-Apr-13 01:01 PM

volcaoidish    Said...

people will make new things with that one for shure - i can see hundreds of schoolkids spending 150 bucks in Juli and producing breast milk and acid. just like that:

15-Apr-13 01:23 PM

robgs    Said...

I was expecting the camera to pan up and reveal Deadmau5. Certainly looks like his hands and figure.

15-Apr-13 04:46 PM

Lu    Said...

This video was released last week? Has there been another video since?

Yeah it would be a shame if these types of machines meant the death of chord progression! Maybe you have to buy one per song! Hopefully the memory will be extendable in a future hardware/firmware update.

I still want one! Of each! At least!

15-Apr-13 05:45 PM

JGRS    Said...

For all the people saying that this is a toy, it isn't in my humble opinion. In the end it depende on how you use them. A lot of ground breaking recordings were made with similar devices.

15-Apr-13 06:27 PM    Said...

Soundwise Im more excited my the new stylophone s2....

15-Apr-13 10:25 PM

Strelok    Said...

My only worry is that they dropped the Electribe SX without a replacement. I guess sampling w/ hardware boxes is dead.

16-Apr-13 02:49 AM

Spinkterbrain    Said...

Did they drop the ESX 1 ? I never knew that.

16-Apr-13 03:02 AM

gacleite    Said...

Dead? Have you ever heard of Octatrack?!

16-Apr-13 03:29 AM

Strelok    Said...

@Spinkterbrain check out some of the big dealers (like Sweetwater is the US or Thomann in Germany: "Product discontinued". There are a few left in smaller shops. You can still order a new SX SD.

It's the same w/ Akai's MPCs. A MPC 1000 is already hard to get here in Germany. The Roland SP-555 is also gone. Seems that the little SP-404SX is the last (affordable) hardware samplebox you can order.

@gacleite - well, I meant an affordable device under 1000€

16-Apr-13 03:45 AM

alex    Said...

great news:#

Volca Bass will be available on June 23, 2013 !!!!


19-Apr-13 04:16 PM

dr6jn    Said...

great news:#

Volca Bass will be available on June 23, 2013 !!!!


19-Apr-13 04:18 PM

blip blip burl    Said...

Well ... thinking back - and having purchased my TR-606 back in the 80's. The 303 and 606 were simply bottom of the line Roland products intended for busking musicians - cheap recording add-ons based around the the larger 808/101 ... they were Toys! just prior to Techno / Acid House - they went for peanuts new and S/H - Digital FM was the big deal! Roland had no idea what they were to become. These KORG boxes look wonderful in my personal opinion, love the heavy dose of Stylophone / Roland styling - and price wise the closest thing to the TR/TB history. Thus, they may well become collectable classics 10/20 years from now in their own right. Personally I cant wait to get my hands on them all. They have midi - so 1 bar loop can inspire / sketch greater happenings, as well as hypnotic acid - etc. Much looking forward.

20-Apr-13 08:14 PM

cj-porsche    Said...

VERY good DEMO :

05-Jun-13 07:59 AM

Spinkterbrain    Said...

That's nonsense about the electribe being dropped.Old news about the first generation being dropped before the sd card models.Those are still in production. These can't compete with it either for me.Different creature. Like the volca's though for what they are.

20-Jul-13 06:30 AM

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