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MESSE13: Interview With MS20 Creator Fumio Mieda
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Alfmeister    Said...

This was an interesting interview. Thanks!

15-Apr-13 08:28 AM

Lu    Said...

fantastic! Thank you so much! I'd really like to see an interview with Tatsyo as well about the volca!

15-Apr-13 09:36 AM

Lu    Said...

Oh, and.... SQ-10!! yes!!

15-Apr-13 09:36 AM

grokorg    Said...

dear Mieda-San, Takahashi-San and Kato-San:

please bring us soon a mini version of the MS50, a VST version of PROPHECY and also a 4 octaves version of the microkeys

plus please add polyphonic aftertouch and breath control input to the hole microkey series and other future products

god bless korg !

15-Apr-13 12:53 PM

GTRman    Said...

14% smaller than the original!!! Did people shrink in the last 20 years or are these just made for smaller people like children?

16-Apr-13 08:00 AM

Fumio Fan    Said...

GTRman is trolling hard. Why does Korg have your panties in such a bunch? You actively seek out each post just to poop on it. You should spend more time seeking out your "exciting new sound" you keep claiming you are looking for instead of trolling the internet, buddy... So pathetic.

16-Apr-13 09:22 AM

Selercs    Said...

Awesome!!! This is why I love sonic state... Now can we see the interview with toshi kunimoto (or kunitomo) - they yamaha engineer behind physical modeling implementation and ikutaro kakehashi (founder of Roland)... Already happy to see Dave smith and roger linn

16-Apr-13 04:42 PM

luvmarc    Said...

Who at KORG created theese MOSTERSYNTHS ??

17-Apr-13 07:07 AM

Peter K.    Said...

This was awesome, thanks Nick!

As far as re-releasing old stuff goes, how bout an updated Polysix or MonoPoly???

17-Apr-13 11:42 AM

Peter K.    Said...

And yeah... an interview with the Volca creator would be COOOOL!!

17-Apr-13 11:47 AM

TB TR fan    Said...

He actually says "we are still to see what the people want" when referring to future MS models. So Korg actually listen to what us people wanted and have delivered. This is why I get so pissed off at Roland. Dear Roland, take note.

18-Apr-13 08:45 AM

Timewpar    Said...

brand new VOLCA DEMO JAPAN :

18-Apr-13 03:33 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Fascinating. I suspect that the first couple of questions were referring to the original MS-20 but the answers seems to refer to circumstances of the re-release. Evidently Mr. Mieda knows not of Mr. Batt's vested interest in the original!

18-Apr-13 05:57 PM

selercs    Said...

Was listening to the new Nord lead 4 and also the Virus TI...pssst. those VA's don't hold a candle light to the MS20! Now can we have an MS20 with patch memory? Thank you guys very much!

19-Apr-13 11:18 AM

selercs    Said...

My comments above apply to the Volca as well:

Thank you geniuses for these creations and thank you Nick for being a brilliant reviewer - the best in the synth world.

19-Apr-13 11:23 AM

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