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MESSE13:KeyFob Sized MIDI Synth with Analog Filter
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GTRman    Said...

Sounds great, NOT

15-Apr-13 06:50 AM

To    Said...

20 years ago perhaps, but what in the name of God would be a practical use for this now. Oh well, should never really knock people for inventing stuff I guess

15-Apr-13 08:19 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Would definitely be useful in those situations where you only have a controller keyboard and dont fancy bringing your laptop/synth. They could build it a lot smaller using SMD components. That way it probably COULD fit in a key fob. ANd MIDI powered??? Awesome!

15-Apr-13 08:45 AM

S R D    Said...

I can see how this would be useful, in terms of hooking up to a phone or ipad style device "on the go", with a headphone socket, perhaps. It#s still embryonic, and maybe theyll make something with 4 or 8 voices..who knows? In any case, this is a great, cheap, low cost, low power device, which is NOT GM based, and sounds very analog-ish, which is only a good think in my book.

15-Apr-13 09:27 AM

Ted    Said...

If I were the company, I would promote it like this: "Turn a boring, outdated MIDI controller into an analog synth"

It's so small you could probably pop it into the case of a little MIDI keyboard. Split the MIDI out, one to the usual jack and one to this, then drill a hole for the RCA output jack. VOILA!

Or add 2 analog voices to a cheap MIDI analog synth like the Poly-800 or Juno 1.

Mod city.

15-Apr-13 11:54 AM

Stuart    Said...

One of these (or a meblip micro), an arduino and some cheap sensors = a super I expensive core for interactive ski d art. Things like this really open up the possibilities.

15-Apr-13 09:15 PM

Stuart    Said...


That was supposed to be "sound art" not "ski d art".

15-Apr-13 09:17 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

I think this looks super fun, and will bring a new sound for those people who want an "Atari" type sound in their arsenal. I like things like this that have a sound of their own with lot's of artifacts. We'll probably hear this on the next Crystal Castles album or some such thing.

18-Apr-13 11:17 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...


Way to bring back the 90's! Maybe this isn't something you understand.

18-Apr-13 11:19 PM

Synthypoo    Said...

Also, from the manual re "analog filter": Note : this parameter isn‘t useful for dynamic control because disturb- ing noises can occur while playing notes and changing this parameter at the same time.

Maybe a good thing ... but I doubt it.

02-Nov-13 06:00 PM

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