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MESSE13: Copperlan Promises 16bit Plug-in Control
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Jesse J    Said...

I've been using copperlan in my studio for well over a year now and I just love every aspect of it. highly recommended!

14-Apr-13 03:53 PM

Kevin Nolan    Said...

And of course - it has deep consequences to the quality of mixes done via remote control - with MIDI being only 7-bit and causing all sorts of issues from phase problems when panning to fader level crudness (and why in-DAW autopmation is usually 32-bit ot better)

So getting this level of automation over 16-bit resolution is a huge improvement (though still not perfect).

Im sure there are a myriad of other potential consequences from improved timing, synchronization and rhythm to the overall scope of usage over a studio.

This is VERY exciting.

@Jesse J: care to describe a little what devices and applicaions you use - this is all news to me and am intrigued to hear of someone already using it.

15-Apr-13 04:17 AM

CME aspirant    Said...

I'm just jazzed about that keyboard. It looks cool...

15-Apr-13 06:27 PM

EMwhite    Said...

I think the last 30 seconds (16 bit discussion) brought it home. Too many VSTs and controller kbds stuck in 7-bit midi .

So somebody tell me, what is required for getting OP-X (by SonicProjects) and maybe a Moog Minitaur (14-bit cutoff and resonance) to work within CopperLan framework?

I would expect that in the case of the VST that some software layer can be inserted "wrapper" is the term I think; what about hardware? Do small solid state converters exist to convert from 14 bit midi to 16 bit CopperLan and the opposite, or will every maufacturer need to comply and re-code their firmware in order to make everything jive?

17-Apr-13 11:40 AM

Jesse J    Said...

@ Kevin: My setup is very modular, I can grab things for rehearsals and gigs and them patch them back in. Doing this is very easy thanks to CopperLan, because it remembers where things were routed when I bring them back "online".

I have 2 macs, 1 PC, 1 iPad, a Korg PadKontrol, a BCR2000, two MIDI keyboads, and an AXON guitar2MIDI system, two drummachines in the rack and a doepfer modular with the Alyseum MS-812 that lets me control the modular via CopperLan. Guitar preamps etc are also controlled via MIDI on copperlan.

Everything works via CopperLan across all devices.

It takes some time to investigate and learn how to utilise CopperLan, but in the end it is very much worth it.

18-Apr-13 03:24 AM

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