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MESSE13: Nord Drum 2 - Video
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al_bot    Said...

couldn't hear too much difference between this and the first version.

wondering if they added open/closed hihats and if they'll allow user loaded drum samples...

10-Apr-13 06:36 PM

Synths for all    Said...

I don't believe the Nord Drum is a sampler or sample playback device at all. It's a drum synth. You can create your own sounds by editing the parameters... pitch, lpf, noise generator, etc.

10-Apr-13 08:25 PM

al_bot    Said...

right, it's not a sampler. but they had some basic waveforms. basic waves and some drum like waves. i was hoping that piece was changeable.

11-Apr-13 12:48 AM

AAM    Said...

does it receive midi CC for all the params?

please let me detune or mod all the drums via midi in real time. I want to set up sweeps while I'm playing...

this was a feature lacking on the first one, and would be a great update

any chance you can ask them??

11-Apr-13 10:51 AM

EMwhite    Said...

Looks to be a big improvement over the first Nord Drum; wasn't terribly impressed with the release last year.

Pads look industrial strength. May dump my Alesis DM and Roland pads for this.

11-Apr-13 10:55 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Still only 2 outputs? And no USB MIDI? Some nice sounds there though. Loved the Simmons sounds.

11-Apr-13 09:14 PM

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