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MESSE13: Bass Station Now With Sound
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eXode    Said...

Afaik, the Bass Station filter was actually the WASP filter, or a modification of the WASP filter?

10-Apr-13 12:52 PM

Athar    Said...

Thanks Nick!! you always ask the right questions :)

10-Apr-13 01:02 PM

BLN    Said...

Thanks Nick, you always put your hands on synths exactly where the man that presents it should, and it doesn't. Good times for analog synths enthusiasts like myself, but it seems that Messe this year lacks in professional presentations of the products. These guys simply don't know their job, I felt the same with the new Korg stuff. Can't wait for your review.

10-Apr-13 01:51 PM

stug111    Said...

Sounded horrible..

10-Apr-13 02:18 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...


10-Apr-13 02:23 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

I meant BLN.

10-Apr-13 02:23 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

hmmm... I'll wait for Nick's full review or maybe we'll get lucky with other MESSE videos and see other sound examples and a more informed demo of the modulations.

Was hoping for more "clean/raw" examples, without FX/Overdrive.

Pros I see on this when compared with MS-20mini and Minibrute (kinda same price segment, right?) relate with the digital control/scanning of the analog engine, allowing MIDI CC in/out and Patch saving which makes this one a very affordable DAW-friendly analog external synth doubling at the same time as a nice self-contained portable 2+1 OSC synth/MIDI controller, IMHO.

10-Apr-13 02:27 PM

Bonbon    Said...

This make the Minibrute look like a toy. Patch storage is a must today for stage work. Nice work Novation.

10-Apr-13 02:29 PM

G    Said...

What a joke presentation... Poor guy doesn't know what he's doing!? I'd fire the guy that hired that guy to show my product. Such a PR disaster is going to show in the sales...

10-Apr-13 02:56 PM

Dr.Filterstein    Said...

This is the worst demonstration in the synth history.Shame on you novation but i'm sure it sounds great because i own a superbassstation.

10-Apr-13 05:45 PM

S R D    Said...

Flip pin 'eck. Korg, More and now this rate, with all the other bills, I'll be broke until Xmas! ;-)

10-Apr-13 06:13 PM

Cristiano Keller    Said...

Novation need to invest in better dmonstrations!!! Also need to invest in better presets of patches!!!

10-Apr-13 07:12 PM

Oranj    Said...

There must have been a problem with recording the synth, it sounds clipped somehow. Have heard it on another video where it sounds much fuller.

10-Apr-13 07:51 PM

CCQ    Said...

Does the function key over the lower 'A' imply that you _can_ sync the LFO's?

10-Apr-13 11:20 PM

YQuLu    Said...

could we see a demo with a guy that knows what he's doing please!? and not being interupted all the time.

11-Apr-13 01:25 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

The important thing is that it sounds distinctly DIFFERENT from the MS-20 Mini/Sub Phatty/Mini Brute/other 2-octave analogues. Exciting times. He's not wrong. Certainly feels like we're suddenly being spoiled by this deluge of new and exciting synths! Should be an interesting next few months reading all the reviews as they come in.

11-Apr-13 03:35 AM

Pedro    Said...

"Does the function key over the lower 'A' imply that you _can_ sync the LFO's?"

I hope so. Then, LFO2>LPF with LFO2 speed controlled by aftertouch we could have Dubstep wobble in sync with tempo and pressure sensitive. Makes sense.

11-Apr-13 11:03 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I saw another video where they asked whether there is midi sync for the arpeggiator, and Chris (Novation) talked about all the patterns, but didn't answer the question itself.

I hope there's a way to have a tap tempo function on this. That's one thing that's great about the Minibrute.

I also look forward to more varied demos; the ones I've heard so far are all about distortion and 303's. With distortion.

In the meantime, I must say that I am still happy with my Minibrute purchase, but I would suggest that others wait for both this, the MS-20 and the Sub Phatty before getting a compact analog monosynth.

13-Apr-13 03:35 PM

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