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MESSE13: Korg Kross First Look
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brian from usa    Said...

Like a microStation with real keys, good idea

10-Apr-13 09:18 AM

tritone    Said...

but can you edit or create new programs on the synth?

10-Apr-13 01:34 PM

al_bot    Said...

Korg Kross is such a horrible name. Was instantly reminded of kriss kross. ugggh.

10-Apr-13 06:42 PM

tritone    Said...

Kronos Krome Kross

12-Apr-13 12:31 AM

Peter K.    Said...

For $849, I think this'll kick the crap out of the new Casio stuff that's coming out. It's an actual programmable, splittable SYNTH.

The EDS-i engine is basically like a Korg M3 or M50 but with less ROM. So there should be some kick ass multimode filters, etc. Tritone, from what I've researched, it's a full on synth.

I like the light weight, and I think the audio recording is a cool function too. Battery power is a cool option for some as well. Seems to sound good for the money...

12-Apr-13 07:47 AM

Angel A.    Said...

The Kross has got to be a terrific blend of MicroKORG virtual analog synthesis, Krome and Kronos workstation functionality, MicroSTATION MIDI and Monotribe step sequencing, ultra-light and portable fit and finish... at a bargain price! It looks like Korg took a Yamaha MOX8, put a MicroKORG vocoder, audio recording and sampling, spruce up its styling and slashed the prices nearly in half!

16-Apr-13 10:13 PM

Arnaud G.    Said...

Argh! ... sounds horrible ... Sounds exactly as any other keyboard released in the 90's ... I'm tired of hearing the same crappy brass, guitar sounds ... orchestral sounds are just insanely bad ... yeah... back to mid 90's as I said ...

23-Apr-13 06:13 PM

juro    Said...

i agree with Arnaud, i own m3 and all synths from korg sounds same back in early 90s, is so sad that korg cannot put great workstation like in old days like Oasys they should build oasys rack or oasys mini ,.. m3 is better than kronos though since kronos have similar simulations with some better dsp inside .. i would go for xf yamaha and with kays karma v3 since kronos dont have or one of the best synth ever kurzweil pc3 .. korg is again sleeping on rewards we need great new stuff not just digital mumbo jumbo

15-Jul-13 06:01 AM

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