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MESSE13: Arturia Unveils KeyLab Keyboard Controller Range
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Synth_Fan    Said...

An excellent, feature packed keyboard controller. Love that it has a breadth controller input 9it makes it for me)

If only it had polyphonic aftertouch - it would have been perfect and have made playing the CS80V as close to the real thing as possible these days.

Come Arturia - please release a special edition with polyphonic aftertouch - you know you want to do it and the market is there.

Otherwise - an excellent controller.

10-Apr-13 06:13 AM


Very interesting evolution over the previous controllers. If the display is still programmable by SysEx like Spark and the previous ones then I must confess that I'm quite interested on the 61 key to possibly replace my Axiom 1st gen as the main keyb.

10-Apr-13 07:38 AM

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