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MESSE13: Novation Bass Station II Preview
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Kureous    Said...

Can the arpeggiator transmit over midi?

09-Apr-13 12:02 PM

Athar    Said...

Thanks Nick!!

09-Apr-13 01:22 PM

ghostwood    Said...

Im sorry but this is AMAZING. The LAST thing I need is ANOTHER monosynth, but I love novation, I had some technical difficulties with my ultranova and they really went above and beyond to help me out. If the audio in on this is louder than the minibrute, as well as a few other small things, this might be on my shelf soon. PS thanks nick, your reviews are amazing!!

09-Apr-13 01:29 PM

Synthking    Said...

Minibrute move over for the Novation Bass Station with patch memory. My Minibrute has been so frustrating to work with without this patch memory feature.

09-Apr-13 01:53 PM

Ben    Said...

I like sine waves, I always liked them, and this is the reason why this could me my favourite monosynth of them all.

09-Apr-13 02:00 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Another memory of my old Bass Station 1: the rubber octave buttons needed to be push so hard to work that it made the plastic body creak. Maybe it was just my model.

Looking forward to hearing more from this. Considering that it is JUST for bass, wish it was a touch cheaper... but Novation, you have my attention : )

09-Apr-13 05:21 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The other video says it does all the other stuff as well, leads, fx.. etc.

This looks like it's gonna be an amazing price and deal! Wow!

12-Apr-13 08:41 AM

Replacement    Said...

The specs sound great to me, as well as the few sounds heard in the second Video of this at Musikmesse.

Looking forward to the review.

There is a software version (vst plug-in) of the old bass Station, that is still sold with the Novation Zero SL Mk II-Controller. The description of the software on the Novation-site says, that the sounds designed with the Bass Station I (Hardware) can be imported into the software and the other way round. Will this also be possible with the Bass Station 2?

This would be great to have the same sounds on oneĀ“s record as live.

Could you please answer this question in your detailed review?

Thank you very much for all the great Reviews, Nick!

14-Apr-13 09:52 AM

Atzi    Said...

I hope that the sound in there and the possibilities are better that the few sounds I have heard till now. The examples showed sounds pretty all the same. I would like a presentation of different bass sound possibility. But I like it already the idea to bring back this synth.

21-Apr-13 11:18 AM

selercs    Said...

With all the analog synths coming out (thank you Arturia for freshening this up with the Minibrute!), it seems like everybody is moving back to analog synths minus Yamaha and Roland. Be very afraid, Virus/Nord, be very afraid indeed :)

23-Apr-13 11:18 AM

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