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MESSE13: Nord Lead 4 - World Exclusive
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hahahaha    Said...

Coming inside your mouth, lol! Classic

09-Apr-13 12:08 PM

Axial    Said...

In 2013, you could not provide a decent (has none) LCD screen to name patches? I need a computer editor to do the simplest of tasks? (Someone else pointed this out as well) And you are regressing. At least the Nord 3 was more modern and yet this is a leap back! Not interested.

09-Apr-13 12:13 PM

asiohead    Said...

I just love the sound of a Nord ! Despite its shortcomings .. it just sounds amazing. At this price (1849 euros) I'll prolly get a 2de hand one in a few years tho ;) The wood side panels look great as well. Thanx Nick, for gettin there so fast hehe, and asking about after touch :) That is just weird for a 'performance' synth.

09-Apr-13 12:47 PM

eXode    Said...

I have to say that I think that it sounds pretty damn good. :)

09-Apr-13 12:57 PM

Goncalo    Said...

My question is... with P-12 ALMOST in the same price range as this one... for whom is this aimed for?

09-Apr-13 01:40 PM

Tim    Said...

Another £500 buys a prophet12. The nord would be great at £1000, it's too expensive.

09-Apr-13 02:36 PM

RedWalks    Said...

It sounds beautiful and way better than that promo drone. Nick, did u notice Tom Wendt @ 5.55 wanting to say "Hi" to you ? :-D

09-Apr-13 03:43 PM

S R D    Said...

I can already see a use for some of the added bits in this already. As already mentioned elsewhere, however, i wish it was a bit cheaper "street", cause it sounds VERY tasty. Clavia are the undisputed kings of VA sounds ( next no detectable aural aliasing), even with no aftertouch on this.

09-Apr-13 04:35 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Not extremely performance oriented because: (1) no screen for patch names (2) no LED rotary encoders (like Nord Stage 2, which genuinely is brilliantly performance oriented) (3) no LED split points

(Perhaps I'm beginning to understand why the Nord Stage 2 costs so much)

Why don't synths have more than one mod wheels? They're so useful and nicer to use than boring old knobs (Nord's "pebble" is especially un-boring) I vote that the Nord Lead 5 (or Wave 2?) provides no less than THREE geological mod wheels, with assignable morphing. You needn't touch a knob on stage ever again.

Mr. Johansson is such a lovely splendid guy, he answers all customer support emails personally; all is forgiven.

Gotta say, the Prophet 12 is stimulating my curiosity gland something raw. I'd like to see some focused comparisons

09-Apr-13 06:12 PM

dingleberry    Said...

no aftertouch on a modern flagship polysynth...what are they (not)thinking???

09-Apr-13 07:11 PM

Paul Hale    Said...

Great sounding instrument ! And well done for an early review!

10-Apr-13 03:31 AM

Jeff Sepeta    Said...

all the limitations of this synth make me long for the days when softsynths could do better for 1/3 the price. oh wait, that's now.

10-Apr-13 07:28 AM

Mister Tin    Said...

Cure. That vowel sound is so innovative. Can't think what it reminds me of. And he likes that special button doesn't he :-) I would love to own another Nord because they do sound amazing.

11-Apr-13 03:18 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Jeez... It DOES sound good. I like the patch variation buttons from the G2. This sounds better than that instrument did though.

I do wish they'd include aftertouch on more of their keyboards, as well as a nicer synth action; features which the Virus has in spades. I think having a display and/or a 10 key pad for direct entering of patch numbers would be a good idea as well, especially with all of the extra real estate on the top surface... move everything over and put in a key pad. While I love the sound, I think I would actually prefer to spend more money and get a really great, complete instrument like the Prophet 12.

Perhaps the rack version would be a good move once it is released... I wonder if it addresses aftertouch via midi? Nick, if you get a review model, can you please look into this??

12-Apr-13 06:49 AM

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