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MESSE13: New Nord Lead Performance Synthesizer
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S R Dhain    Said...

Nord synths are always brilliant, and this looks like it follows the original lineage, with a bit of 3 thrown in and much more besides. The only slight fly in the ointment, is the listed RRP, which with the current market scenario and competition, might not give it the sales it could get. If it were just a tad cheaper on the street, it'd be a more desirable proposition, in my humbles.

08-Apr-13 12:05 PM

loneraver    Said...

Wow! Nord!!! That price is a little steep? I figured that the only company that could still get away with charging that much for a VA was Access. I never got into the the Nord synths but I don't think I'll ever be able to with prices like that.

08-Apr-13 01:20 PM

Axial    Said...

The UI is really disappointing. It seems that Nord refuses to break away from the retro styling nonsense.

I almost do not even care what it sounds like.

08-Apr-13 01:27 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

MusickMesse announcements early? Gotta be Christmas!

Having recently grown to love the "Synth Section" of my new Nord Stage 2 (right before having grown to be frustrated by it's limitations) this looks fur-lipping brilliant

Can't say the demo track is turning me on, but I'm intrigued by everything else.

Are they real wavetables this time?! Variations 1-7?! TALK1? TALK2? TALK3? Master Clock Tap Tempo?! Fine Tune?! (just kidding)

I would love for Nick to review one, but we know that wont happen.

Oh Clavia, you'll give us the Nord Wave 2 eventually. Or something completely new and original? But hey, everything is "sequels" or "remakes" nowadays (luckily "prequels" are infeasible).

08-Apr-13 01:53 PM

dutnakke    Said...

Yet another Nord made to look like it's going to sound 'analog' - and then yet again has a harsh, ugly digital sound. I would love to get one - if it sounded warm, but hey, on to something else

08-Apr-13 05:04 PM

EveryoneWantstoKnow    Said...

This is nice but how does Jordan Rudess fell about this?

08-Apr-13 08:05 PM

lowjk    Said...

Why did Nord go back to Nord Lead 2 interface?

For that premium price, I would want a Nord Lead 3 interface.

08-Apr-13 11:11 PM

eXode    Said...

I'm a bit curious about polyphony. Haven't found a spec mentioning that so far.

09-Apr-13 03:11 AM

Hugo    Said...

I own the Nord lead 2x and I can clearly hear the difference with the new ladder filter (emulation?)and the drive feature among other things. A generally different character. I think it doesn't do justice to compare it to analogue synths when this is a performance keyboard that sounds glorious in its own right. A bit expensive for my budget though, especially considering the traditional, non-LED encoders UI.

11-Apr-13 02:34 AM

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