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MESSE13: Universal Audio Apollo 16
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"A Pro"    Said...

What does a "Pro" studio mean these days?

Outmoded thinking and a complete Rip Off. an insult to ALL potential users - as in - if you use ordinary Apollo you are small fish so we dish out only minimal DSP.

If you want what should be a standard amount of DSP, we'll call you "Pro" and rip you off.

Get Real

10-Apr-13 04:20 AM

apollo user    Said...

@"A Pro" Your comments make no sense. The apollo 16 comes with a quad card because a duo would be too limiting with that number of channels. The original apollo gives you the choice of quad card or duo configurations; so the 16 isn't giving you extra plugin power, it's just more line level channels and some added routing flexibility -- features actual professionals were asking for. Don't hate on it just because you can't afford one.

13-Apr-13 10:28 AM

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