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MESSE13: Novation Bass Station II Analogue
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zwete    Said...

Well, my old analog Alpha Juno from 1986 doesn't have CV/Gate, but has midi and still works great with a modern computer.

08-Apr-13 10:20 AM

Quote    Said...

well its the answer to a lot of requests.. finally novation!! but thank you.

08-Apr-13 10:22 AM

cheesefactory    Said...


08-Apr-13 10:29 AM

flux302    Said...

I hope I can mod it to have pitch and gate cv. Price point is very nice.

08-Apr-13 10:38 AM

Mccreature    Said...

I think we are going to see a lot more analogue/digital hybrids in the near future. As long as they can keep the price reasonable, it is going to be a great time for synth enthusiasts. Great news!

08-Apr-13 10:47 AM

Tribrix    Said...

OMG, amazing, especially at that price. Wow.

08-Apr-13 10:52 AM

no_innovation    Said...

I'm sick and tired of these ridiculous 2-octave analogue synths.

They're all crap. What's worse, if this is the so called reinvention of analogue synths, it's come at a dreadful price - the most we get are farty, scaled and dumbed down versions of the original excellent instruments, with none of the richness and variety of format that suggested a synthesizer could be an actual musical instrument.

Worst of all, there will be so much competition amongst all of this crap that nobody will sell enough to justify future development and innovation, and the whole think will collapse in a heap again in a year or two.

2-octave analogue, monophonic, pretensions crap - God we’re in the cesspit of synthesis

08-Apr-13 11:56 AM

Athar    Said...


08-Apr-13 12:21 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I had the original Novation Bass Station before I literally played it to death.

At the time, I didn't know it was "analog", or what analog meant in synth-language. All I knew was that it was VERY light, randomly went out of tune A LOT, ate batteries like a greedy hog and sounded absolutely GORGEOUS

Since then I've owned several very disappointing Novation Synths (Xiosynth/Ultranova), to the point that I now have actual brand-aversion. I guess we'll hear how it sounds.

Korg may thank Spectrasonics Trilian for luring my cash sterling in the direction of the MS-20 Mini, but I'd like to think that (good old British) Novation might still pull it out of the bag :)

08-Apr-13 02:06 PM

RochBlue    Said...

Well done to Novation. The more the merrier. The stupid prices for older gear look just that with what is offer at the moment. It is a pity Roland and Yamaha are still making 2 grand super romplers.

08-Apr-13 04:24 PM

xyzzy    Said...

>> I'm sick and tired of these ridiculous 2-octave analogue synths.

I'm sure there are a growing number of people that agree with this. Everything is a cycle, though, so expect $3,000 hardware virtual analog synths to be top of mind again.

Don't believe me? Just think how long it's been since the last revision to the Acces Virus ;)

08-Apr-13 06:54 PM

lowjk    Said...

Why does this cute lil devil have aftertouch and KingKorg doesn't?

Shame on Korg.

08-Apr-13 07:40 PM



08-Apr-13 08:05 PM

two = 3    Said...


08-Apr-13 08:07 PM

Sean    Said...

Great to see this. Just don't understand all the plastic. More plastic? Please Novation, give us some aluminium. I'd be more than happy to pay and extra 20 bucks for an aluminium bodied synth. Hopefully the keybed feels better than these last few additions. Really feel like they've been taking steps in the wrong direction on that note as well.

08-Apr-13 09:49 PM

GTRman    Said...

WOW, this is a nice bass synth with all the goodies. Now I can trash my MiniBrute piece of crap that does not store patches. Way to go Novation.

09-Apr-13 07:04 AM

Sam Mallery    Said...

I've wanted a Bass Station since the mid 90's. I never understood why Novation didn't keep it around, as there were surely plenty more like me out there. As far as it being plastic, the original was plastic too. That was part of its unlikely charm. But yeah. A more solid body would have been okay with me too.

09-Apr-13 08:50 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

I'm quite curious about its sound.

It looks nice and functional. My only complaint is the 1 set of ADSR sliders to control 2 EGs. They could fit 8 sliders in there and skip the selection switch, avoiding value jumps and get yet another hateful 2/3-functions per control.

I'm ok with 2 octave (3 octave would be nicer) on bass/lead monosynths but not on polys. Fortunately there's MIDI IN, so those complaining about keyb size can use whatever keyb they want.

09-Apr-13 09:14 AM

anonymous    Said...

"Now I can trash my MiniBrute piece of crap that does not store patches."

Does everything have to store patches? The Minibrute is very different, but still a great synth. Minimoogs don't store patches either.

09-Apr-13 03:43 PM

who's pretentious?    Said...

wow with the pretentious accusations.

c:>rethink position and/or post

go drop 4k on a moog or modular then...or find comfort in the dusty units you are comparing this to.

30-Oct-13 03:54 AM

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