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New Roland Backing Keyboard
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A100User    Said...

Yep, pretty much as expected. Cringed all the way through that demo.

04-Apr-13 09:52 AM

GA6RM    Said...

Uh, Sonic State guys? I know that this is how you make payroll. But this isn't "news." Maybe you could create a new forum and call it "Marketing." Or something like that. A lot like how you have a separate section for iOS stuff, which is appropriate, since real musicians don't bother with iOS.

04-Apr-13 01:20 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Nothing to see here, guess Roland is a lost cause, going to Korg my all my synth fetishes.

04-Apr-13 05:09 PM

Concerned Roland Lover    Said...

Hey I give Roland a fair due It does seem like a great fully featured Backing Keyboard and the props for making an actual strumming acoustic tone (the one sound that they never made "supernatural") All in all though it's nothing really new or innovative. That's all propaganda. I don't know Rolands customer market right now but I'm hoping that a backing machine has been in high demand for them because if not they could have just put this on the back end of a Namm/Messe conference that they actually have multiple new products coming out with. A Backing Keyboard as a conference highlight. Um no the general public sees this as dull and or lazy. Come on Roland you are overdue on a new Fantom, or something :/

04-Apr-13 11:26 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

The problem Roland faces is - they don't make money from synthesizers. Even the exquisite V-Synth GT has suffered an identity crisis - not purchased by synthesists looking for vintage recreations and not purchased by the work station market because it doesn't contain standards.

In truth, Roland has been among THE most innovative companies in synthesis over the past decade - COSM, Vocal Designer, Articulation Synthesis, Supernatural, the VA engine in the GAIA and JP80; to say nothing of their efforts in physical control such as the Trip-pad and D-Beam - but synthesists have not embraced those technologies - in the same way that they did not embrace VL technology form Yamaha.

So what are Roland to do but use those innovations in areas that do sell. Cover Bands and Worship IS Roland's market and as much as I would never, ever buy this instrument; Roland bashing has got to stop (and admit to having participated in a bit, wrongly, myself in the past)

In truth Roland have been incredibly innovative. They have produced more new music and synthsis technology than any other company in the past ten years - bar none - but because they will not make a new analogue synth - synthesists come down heavy on them time after time. Here's a recommendation - try a JP80, V-Synth GT or V-Piano for just an hour and you'll realise the extraordinary depth of synthesis capability originating form Roland.

Into the bargain, they have just released a statement on the seminal position of the 303; and they have just sent out a survey to existing registered Roland users, so it even looks like they are pondering r-erelease of one or more of their classics, or new analogue equipment.

But Roland are a deep, deep synthesis company - the V-Synth GT and JP80 are testimony to that and it is wrong to regard them as somehow shallow in that department.

As said, though I'm a synthesist and would not buy this instrument - to those reading it and contemplating it - rest assured its sonic legacu and origins are very, very deep and you'll be getting an instrument with voices of extraordinary depth and quality originating form Roland's current and cutting edge sound technologies.

05-Apr-13 06:34 AM

NI Fan    Said...

Synth_Fan says that the problem Roland faces has nothing to do with "innovation." The poster also said that Roland has been among the most innovative synth companies for years.

This may be true. The problem that I see with Roland has less to do with their hardware advances, and more to do with their lack of vision regarding software.

Native Instruments is the king of software, because they have been incredibly innovative with their software synths, effects, and even the hardware that they create. Steinberg has been tops since the 1980s too.

Roland bought Cakewalk. They could, if they had real vision, create next-gen workstation combos that involve specialized hardware control of Sonar's cutting-edge innovations. Why they haven't even tried is beyond me.

You don't buy a software company to have them keep on creating software -- if you are a HARDWARE company. You buy the software company so that you can take advantage of their incredible expertise when it comes to creating software -- and you harness it for YOUR HARDWARE.

Unless you're Japanese, in which case, who KNOWS what they are thinking...?!

05-Apr-13 10:01 AM

Lawrence Frazier    Said...

GA6RM is a troll, dismissing IOS even though that's where the most interesting music software developments are taking place. We probably need to feed him a goat.

10-Apr-13 07:33 AM

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