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MESSE Tease From Roland
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skeptiderek    Said...

Answer: another ROMpler with a subset of the JV-1080 library. Where do I collect my prize? ;)

03-Apr-13 07:54 AM

A100User    Said...

My guess is someform of performance keyboard targeted at prog bands and boring middle of the road cover bands.

Such as wealth of history and talent in the company yet where is the innovation?

I really don't expect Roland to re-issue their classic analogue machines for the 21st Century (although it would be really interesting) but I would love to see them exploring sound in new ways

03-Apr-13 08:21 AM

Michal Janowski    Said...

Back with another wedding band keyboard? People are crazy about the Korg MS-20 mini-replica, Roland still doesn't get it... Bring back the 303, the 101, updgrade them with MIDI and USB. That would be a comeback.

03-Apr-13 08:23 AM

Axial    Said...

Disagree Janowski, that is not a comeback by recreating the past, that is a "go-back". Whilst I agree this seems like crap to me, why not create a new synth all together!

03-Apr-13 08:36 AM

relic    Said...

Lame, Roland, lame...

03-Apr-13 08:48 AM

Aaron Chase    Said...

It's just going to be the same stuff they always release. Nothing new to see here. Move along!

03-Apr-13 09:35 AM

Bobek    Said...

They makes things who people buying. This is only next crappy shit for lot of people. nothing special. Roland wake - up!

03-Apr-13 09:37 AM

Synical Sid    Said...

Another disappointing over priced iPad caddy?

03-Apr-13 10:22 AM

Kerzwhile    Said...

$10 says the Name will start with "BK" Ill guess the BK-09, another Plastic crap arranger!

03-Apr-13 10:35 AM

PierreM    Said...

Where's Jordan Rudess?

03-Apr-13 11:29 AM

Rol-or    Said...

Hope it has V-Link. I've noticed the last few keyboards from Roland have been missing it. Come on Roland - your standards are dropping.

03-Apr-13 11:59 AM

KORG    Said...

Hope it isn't very good!

03-Apr-13 12:00 PM

YAMAHA    Said...

Us too!

03-Apr-13 12:00 PM

The Wizard's Back    Said...

Roland's Back!

Roland's Front!

Roland's Fronting...!


03-Apr-13 12:32 PM

Jordan (Hot) Air    Said...


"Where's Jordan Rudess...?"

He's sitting this one out.

03-Apr-13 12:34 PM

Spinkterbrain    Said...

I see a lot of people are instantly down on Roland right now before they even give products a chance. This may just be a great synth about to be shown ! Why does everyone want a re-release of the 303 ? Sure it's a great part of electronic music evloution but really, it's a very limited unit.Just get into any good synth & make a sound similar sound, forget the purists & be diverse....Acid sounds can still be made !

03-Apr-13 12:47 PM


Roland is Back-- --ing away from creating anything even remotely interesting anymore. We realize that we are leaving the pro musician in the dust, and we don't care. You stupid Americans and Europeans are all wasting your time trying to come up with new music. Give us a break. We're Japanese -- meaning that our culture is older than, well, okay -- ALMOST as old as China's, and not quite as old as India's or Mesopotamia's. But hell -- we've been around for a lot longer than you dumb-ass Caucasians. We saw the writing on the wall about three years ago. At that time, we figured things out -- the Fantom line was coming to a close, and all of these hippie-grunge-wastoid kids were buying old OSCars and Wasps like there was no tomorrow. We know for an absolute fact that music is no longer going to be the dominant entertainment form, ever again. Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna ruled the 1980s, and so did we. But two of those three are dead now (sorry -- they're ALL dead -- metaphorically, anyway) and we're still alive! You can chalk that up to the fact that we know how to create "stuff," whatever that means. We will continue to propagate our plastic crap forever. We're Japanese. You aren't. So shut up and eat your damned Roland Fruity Flakes, and go play in some dive for like 50 bucks a night, playing old Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson songs. With our older-than-dirt sound technology, that will be much easier than sitting in a room trying to come up with anything that sounds remotely new, fresh, and unique. Have a nice day. - The Great Rolando

03-Apr-13 12:47 PM

Raven    Said...

Japanese culture is younger than Rome, in fact. /off topic

I don't understand why all of you want a tb303 or a sh101. Why don't you want a new, innovative digital synth, for example? Like the V-synth was in 2003! Ok, maybe a *new* analog, but we must look forward and stop looking backwards!

03-Apr-13 01:59 PM

GTRman    Said...

We have not seen anything worth while from Roland since the Fantom G. They are sure on the wrong track when it comes to keyboard instruments. Korg is not doing much better. Dave Smith on the other hand is rocking the keyboard world. The new Prophet 12 is a beauty & a beast wrapped up in one package.

03-Apr-13 02:29 PM

Phreaque    Said...

Yep. Another BK arranger. But seems powerful.

03-Apr-13 03:52 PM

michael    Said...

Keyboard Schmeyboard. Roland can dump them completely AFAIC. Plough their R@D dollars into guitar technology I say. Make pitch to midi technology rock solid and easily accessible and there's a whole new market ready to reap. Thanks Roland for what you've done so far in this field and the virtual guitar stuff too i.e the VG products.

03-Apr-13 07:17 PM

loneraver    Said...

Even Jordan Rudess won't touch this one.

03-Apr-13 07:20 PM

Stir-it-up    Said...

The clue is in the title. The point of it is lost at sea though. Go get your market share Teenage, DSI and all the real innovators!

03-Apr-13 08:26 PM

stillarolandguy    Said...

Think it'll have subset of the Jupiter/Integra ROM. That's the new standard ROMset for Roland synths. We do know it's 76 keys as the bottom note is "E."

03-Apr-13 11:10 PM

relic    Said...

There are lot of exellent software synths that I would like to see in hardware form but Roland have even failed to transfer their exellent legacy hardware synths to software form. Maybe it is finally the time to change the president of Roland corp.?

04-Apr-13 12:40 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Backing Keyboard?????? Sigh.....

Who comes up with this stuff? Has the CEO of Roland been replaced with an alien from the planet Cheese????

04-Apr-13 06:54 AM

brian from usa    Said...

Innovation is one thing, and making something a gigging musician can use is another.

Where's all the incredibly innovative music made with the V-Synth, Prophecy, FS1R, etc.???

Boy, am I cranky today ;)

04-Apr-13 08:58 AM

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