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SPARK And SparkLE Updated
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Steviee    Said...

SparkLE is going to be very interesting, I believe, in a good way.$250.00 street and $199.00 on sale with O.S. and controller!!! WHATTTTTTTTT???

26-Mar-13 08:43 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Stevie -

do you work for Arturia? My experience of Spark Vintage is poor. The samples of vintage drum machines is at best average, but almost none of the features of each drum machine is implemented so you just don't get a true representation of that vintage drum machine at all. Buying a set of samples off ebay for Kontakt is preferable (to me). Furthermore, it cost over 100 Euro - and - cannot load the sample expansion packs. Spark is a very average and very expensive drum solution, to me.

27-Mar-13 05:53 PM

Steviee be nice    Said...

Hey Synth Fan, no I don't work for Arturia. I meant very interesting was more competion with N.I. maschine etc. I have the mikro, roland mv8800 EMU axr10, command station and Reason w/ 750gig harddrive fill w/ samples. Sorry about your bad experience with vintage drum I've had some bad drum software buys too. Maybe they will get it right and someday build a machine with 1 TB harddrive full of samples, 24 bit output with a ssd to record on and very sensitive pads with a easy o.s. all in a 12in by 12in frame with thunderbolt, usb3 super duper yes usb3 has already become obsolete and all for 198.00 Euro ah. Peace, Love and the Light.

27-Mar-13 08:01 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

I'm not looking for the unreasonable from Arturia - but they did do a hard sell on the Vintage Drum machines making you believe you were getting an accurate emulation of the vintage machines they sampled. In my instance I own a Roland R8 and I have to say - the samples on their R8 sound nothing like an R8. The R8 Toms were very strong, very full on the origina, I cannot even convince myself Arturia use actual R8 Toms samples - they sound like an utterly different drum machine. And the R8 had loads of functionality, none of which was put into Spark Vintage (for example the ability on the R8 to play the samples in reverse)

They just provided a reduced sample set from each original Drum Machine and provide one generic GUI. Just not good enough.

And that's coupled to the fact that each variant of Spark must be purchased separately, with each is NOT compatible with the rest - making it outrageously expensive.

This is not, in any way, a serious competitor to Battery, RMX Stylus or any other rhythm solution.

I have other Arturia soft-synths which are exquisite - but they have let themselves down on this one IMO. They need to rethink their strategy here and the cost/performance formula they are working to.

28-Mar-13 11:40 AM

Synth Fan Knows    Said...

Hey Synth Fan, that is well said I think sometimes a company will take one step forward and two back just hope and pray that Arturia will keep it's high standards. I would call support and voice your concerns. Steviee Peace, Love and the Way.

30-Mar-13 11:00 AM

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