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Drum Machine In A StompBox
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Rick-Hayward-Ca.    Said...

I like it but stickn with my old zoom drumachine.& your right its a work in progress tryn to learn that this day i have still not fully manipulated its potential..I think your new pedal is right ON! and perfect timing for the world...I will say this & your right,if your looking for your first drum machine,I would truly get this one, the beat buddy..I wount endorse the extra foot switch or you may as well get a drum machine..I think the greatest feature of this new product is the way you demo the foot part of the pedal..that parts great! and sounds like you made it work just right!! good job

25-Mar-13 11:24 PM

David Packouz    Said...

We're almost ready to start our crowd funding campaign. But we'd like to include in the video some clips of musicians, like yourself, talking about how much you want the BeatBuddy.

So, we're announcing a contest to win a FREE BeatBuddy!


1. Post a Youtube video on our Facebook page ( of yourself talking about how much you want the BeatBuddy and what you plan to do with it.

2. Include the line 'I want my BeatBuddy' somewhere in the video -- this is one the parts we will use in our crowd funding video, so say it with enthusiasm :-)

3. In the 'About' section of the Youtube video, put your name, city, instrument(s) you play, and your band's name and website, if any -- so we can credit you if we use your clip. Also put in the 'About' section: "To learn more about the BeatBuddy, visit"

4. If possible, make the video 1080p resolution -- or as close to it as you can, and use good lighting so your video looks nice.

5. At the end of the video, tell your friends they should check out the BeatBuddy at

6. Put "BeatBuddy: Drum machine pedal" in the title.

7. Keep the video less than 2 minutes long.

8. Whoever has the most video views by Wednesday, April 30 at 12pm Eastern Standard Time, will win a FREE BeatBuddy (free shipping too!) and be one of the first people to receive it.

Our crowd funding campaign will start shortly after the contest ends.

Thanks again for your interest and support! And good luck!

21-Apr-13 07:39 PM

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