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Monotribe Firmware 2.1 Adds CV/Gate
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Chuy    Said...

Will it work as a third oscilator for the ms-20 mini??? That would be great!!

22-Mar-13 09:39 AM

whitenoise    Said...

It says that the Monotribe operates at 1v/octave so you would need a converter to use it with the MS-20 mini (which is Hz/v).

22-Mar-13 11:06 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Doesn't it need a "Trigger in" too??

25-Mar-13 08:03 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Oops - a gate input (i.e. trigger) is included ( via stereo jack). Apologies for not reading the item properly.

25-Mar-13 06:06 PM

squid    Said...

I believe it requires a special '4-pole mini-jack' which will allow it receive CLOCK, GATE & CV all through a single cable.

That's seriously damn cool!

The Monotribe can also be configured to accept 'Hz/v in' addition to '1v/octave'.

I'm wondering if the MONOTRONs will accept '4-pole' jack too?

Ti me will tell :)

31-Jul-13 07:39 AM

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