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JACK Up Your Apps!
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Montychristo86    Said...

Who needs Rewire when you got just Jack! (Will and Grace allusion aside, why are you guys just posting this when it has been out forever?)

20-Mar-13 06:02 PM

Garble    Said...

Wow! Finally! Now we can use the awesome "Jack" for everything! I can't wait... I still remember how Jack used to crash every session on my UbuntuStudio build about three years ago. I ACTUALLY got a clue, ditched Linux entirely, and now I'm happier than a pig in a poke using Windows 7.

Thanks for that amazing news. Now I'm going to barf and continue making great music using my PROFESSIONAL-grade equipment, which I paid good money for, thanks so much...


21-Mar-13 10:36 AM

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