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Matt Bellamy Smashes Up Guitar And Throws It In Crowd
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jimbo    Said...

Las Vegas, not Mexico, love :)

18-Mar-13 05:48 PM

Yuk    Said...

What a tool.

18-Mar-13 08:25 PM

RP    Said...

The Muse fan part of me thinks Bellamy is an amazing musician who has contributed so much over the years.

The Guitar fan part of me thinks, what the F Bellamy. All the work that went into making that instrument undone in a few pointless seconds.

19-Mar-13 12:31 PM

ginx    Said...

not feeling it, sorry

19-Mar-13 01:32 PM

Wildman    Said...

A bit of a lame lob into the crowd.....keep it friendly down there.....goes a bit against the whole angst thing.

19-Mar-13 05:12 PM

Christinexxo    Said...

This was in Vegas(Mandalay Bay), not Mexico.

21-Mar-13 01:58 AM

Sonic Sub    Said...

Thanks guys, corrected Vegas/Mexico thing now.

22-Mar-13 06:06 AM

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