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Sonic Touch 22: Arturia iMini
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Peter K.    Said...

It DOES sound really good!

You should check out Neo Soul Keys from Gospel Musicians. It looks amazing!

19-Mar-13 12:53 PM

thanassis    Said...

Thanks for the Sonic-Kraut.

20-Mar-13 04:15 AM

Dastardly    Said...

Nice blending.

I also liked the fact that when Nick was pointing out that the real Model D is more tactile and easier to use, he failed to add that the iMini is (by my calculations) four hundred and forty three times cheaper.

It's so easy to lose sight of how insanely affordable apps of this quality are.

It's great living in the space age (oe whatever it is), isn't it?

20-Mar-13 08:51 AM

Leslie    Said...

Yep, Sonic State managed to skip the BIGGEST news of a day - Apple embracing Audiobus by including its support in Garage Band... ;) Just about every other worthy website reported it including non music related sites like Engadget, but I guess it wasn't big enough news for Sonic State... ;)

22-Mar-13 05:07 PM

Leslie    Said...

@Dastardly, Totally agree with your statement about the cost of music apps. Personally, I'm using my iPad 4 as external VST type sound source for my Mac and I couldn't be happier :)

22-Mar-13 05:22 PM

AAA    Said...

Ever thought that this was recorded before the news broke.

22-Mar-13 09:36 PM

Leslie    Said...

@AAA, I know it was taped b4 news broke, but I am referring to Sonic State news in general.

23-Mar-13 02:26 AM

Arnie retired in Hawaii    Said...

Great app and demo. Nice hair Gaz. For @ $10 you get a ton of quality. Can't believe that some can pick it apart. This technology didn't exist 20 or 30 years ago and us old timers had to haul around hundreds of pounds of gear. The Roland VR-09 eval was also very good. Now I can replace my Hammond X2C. Thanks so much for Sonic State's value added to struggling musicians.

27-Mar-13 09:53 PM

the other gaz    Said...

I enjoyed this episode a lot and the growth of Gaz's hair is becoming quite remarkable. Keep up the good work!

14-May-13 03:27 PM

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