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Make Electronic Dance Music With Arturia
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Synth_Fan    Said...

All well and good - but I have to say - I bought Spark Vintage and I am completely underewhelmed:

- The samples are at best average (and far from a complete set from each device).

- The vast majority of features from each original drum machine are not implemented

- The vast majority of Spark sample packs available on Arturia web site are NOT compatible with Spark Vintage

- It cost over 120 Euro!

Overall, each variant on Spark is not compatible with the others, making this an outrageously priced drums solution; and into the bargain, just not sounding very good.

Instead, Arturia need to complete overhaul this range of Spark Drum Machine Software - with one central engine and then the various versions of it offered at a far more competitive price and with far greater integration.

At a minimum - Arturia should sell them all as a collection at a proper price.

Finally, Arturia, you need to do a far better job at sampling those classic vintage drum machines - and - design each one with a far greater amount of the original drum machine features.

As it stands, Spark Vintage is a generic GUI offering at best average samples and few of the original features from each classic.

18-Mar-13 01:31 PM

Sean    Said...

'Spark Drum Machine Software - with one central engine'

It has from the start, its called 'Spark' and the update packs are 29 bucks each which is a bargin (assuming you like the sounds...)

19-Mar-13 11:16 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

That's incorrect. If you buy Spark Vintage from the outset then the expansion packs are NOT compatible with it - it even states that for (many if not all) of the expansion packs on the Arturia web site.

Furthermore, there's no way to get at the other Spark technologies other than buying them in completion - so for this 'drum solution' to be complete it would cost high hundreds of bucks - outrageously expensive (and as already said, not sounding very good and with minimal features (for the Vintage Drum Machines))

19-Mar-13 02:39 PM

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