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New Casio Synth
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jsepeta    Said...

god, can they just spend $10 more and use a better screen?

15-Mar-13 04:58 AM

loneraver    Said...

Wow, is that ugly.

15-Mar-13 06:09 AM

AndyKeys    Said...

Does a different colour warrant it being called a new synth ???? I think not !!!!

15-Mar-13 08:12 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

Great looks, lots of knobs and sliders, full size keyboard, patch memory, virtual analog & PCM sounds. Very powerful and Casio usually has a good sound to there synths. I will have to take a good look at this one. Nice job Casio, you may have a winner here.

15-Mar-13 09:10 AM

Bob    Said...

Nothings wrong with the screen..


15-Mar-13 03:49 PM

Bob    Said...

Great synth. Lots of really Phatt sounds and the sound input as the 6th sound source is awesome. Great way to add character to the existing sounds.

The arpeggiator and the step sequencer is great to work with on the fly.

15-Mar-13 03:51 PM

Benedict J.    Said...

Back in 1992 I bought my first keyboard ever. It was a Casio. It had 99 voices and 99 drum rhythms. Now I have a Nord Stage 2: it has less than 99 voices and no drum rhythms..

I love the idea of Casio releasing a serious, competitive flexible analog-modeling synth, but is this FOR REAL? Is that a built-in speaker on the far right of the panel?

For all you guys calling the new Casio synth ugly, take a look at the King Korg and release how spoiled you've become

17-Mar-13 04:46 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The King Korg looks a lot less assy in real life compared to the pictures and video I saw of it. It sounded pretty good too! That thing on the right hand side is a rubbery surface that fits an iPad perfectly. I still like the vibe of my CZ-1 over this sample playback flimsy thing. Having said that, the VA sounds are kinda not so bad. It left me with the feeling of a basic synth engine strapped to a home consumer keyboard though. The organ section... Yikes!! Even though it seems I've just bashed Casio's new gear, I'm glad they're trying to come back to the pro synth world. I think new hardware competition is a good thing. Some of their digital pianos are quite good value for the money too. This would be a good keyboard for a beginner in his or her first band. But then so is a used Triton, know what I mean?

19-Mar-13 12:59 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Sorry, don't know why my paragraphs weren't coming out...

19-Mar-13 01:00 PM

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