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King Korg Koming To Sonic Towers - Questions?
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rez_azel    Said...

the big question is: is it cool and retro like the original King Kong, or superfluous like the Peter Jackson King Kong? (sorry, couldn't resist :-) ) ... also, how does it sound compared to similar Korg synths like R3, Radias etc.

12-Mar-13 06:54 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

Can you do splits and/or layers? How many real instruments sounds does it have? I know there were some Trons, clavs and organs when I played it at NAMM. But what about flutes and horns?

12-Mar-13 07:41 AM

Axial6    Said...

DO they have any plans for a desktop or rack version of this synth?

12-Mar-13 09:15 AM

Kureous    Said...

Vocoder details? Audio over usb? Expansions? What is case made from? Wasn't this going to cost £949

12-Mar-13 09:29 AM

highend    Said...

My question: Why!?

12-Mar-13 11:42 AM

jondis    Said...

PLEASE SHOW THE PCM SOUNDS ! ! Im curious to know how many of them are multisampled (velocity layered ).

12-Mar-13 12:36 PM

Synth_fan    Said...

What's the target market / player, and why?

Why such a high price - what, in particular, does Korg feel justifies the price tag of twice that of a Roland GAIA, for example?

12-Mar-13 12:57 PM

snooginz    Said...

If I want one will I sound just like skrillex?

12-Mar-13 01:11 PM

gym teacher    Said...

Does it do the splits?

12-Mar-13 01:13 PM

dutnakke    Said...

I'm interested in how snappy the envelopes are. Snappier than the usual VA - or just the same slow ones

12-Mar-13 01:50 PM

Paul Hurt    Said...

How you patch modulation sources to destinations, and what those sources and destinations are. Anything missing? (I'd say a third envelope generator is missing...). Any oscillator sync, FM, or ring mod, or any way of simulating them? Any way to modulate the mix of the three oscillators?

12-Mar-13 03:22 PM

korgowner    Said...

Why is there no aftertouch on a synth this expensive? Why are the filter knobs on the right and the effects on the left, exactly the opposite of most synths. This requires right handed people to cross the left hand over the right to do filter sweeps. Did you intend to make a synth only for lefties? Why make another synth that's completely program incompatible with the Radias, R3, MS2000, and Microkorgs? The KingKorg is 1 step forward and 3+ steps backwards.

12-Mar-13 04:28 PM

charlieplatnum    Said...

What justifies the $1299 price tag, The DSI MOPHO X4 goes for 1299, how is this better? and why not call it the "Midas" seems more appropriate?

12-Mar-13 10:02 PM

Gregory    Said...

In write-ups the KingKorg bosts 3 oscillators, however what I couldn't understand in the parameter manual it mentions using dual-oscillators (makes sense) AND in unison mode using 5 oscillators and then diagrams showing OSC A, OSC B, OSC C, OSC D, OSC E. Yet to reiterate in the beginning of the guide it only shows OSC 1, OSC 2, and OSC 3 in the schematic layout. I would imagine I could only engage 1-3 oscillators, where do these "lettered" oscillators come from?

12-Mar-13 11:50 PM

Blake    Said...

Why did Korg abandon the knobby setup of the MS2000 series and Radias? This setup is now classic and readily familiar. Why is there no aftertouch when real analog synths that cost $450 less have this feature? Why are the knobs that are often associated with a dynamic performance on the right side of the synth and not the left?

Korg, I love your stuff but this synth really has me scratching my head. I predict it will be largely overshadowed by your Mini MS20.

13-Mar-13 01:29 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I would like to know about the quality and range of the PCM sounds because it would be nice to have decent auxiliary sounds to supplement the VA stuff. This would allow people to roll to gigs with just ONE lightweight board.

I must add my voice to those that are complaining about the lack of aftertouch. That is the same reason why I passed on the Jupiter-50. It is an unwelcome trend.

13-Mar-13 02:30 AM

Mehdi SpaceF Devices    Said...

Will there be a rack version (no keyboard, may be with a remote-able control panel (like on my old Fostex R8 for example, ie, wired controller panel that can be detached from the synth rack and used on the desk, and then put it back in place once finished editing).

13-Mar-13 06:04 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I was just about to democratically defend the stupid name of the King Korg by suggesting that perhaps "King" is an easy international word that most non-english speakers already know (a lot of languages know "King" as the name of a playing card and a chess piece, same in many languages)

...but I just noticed the awful empire states building graphics on the back panel. They are definitely referring to King Kong. LAME

Korg aren't alone, the "bull" vector on the Moog Minitaur is just as tasteless. What is it with bad artwork on expensive synth gear?

13-Mar-13 05:09 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

All I care about is how much of a synth is it. How intuitive is it to program new patches.

13-Mar-13 06:16 PM

Arnie in Hawaii    Said...

It sounds decent enough on the NAMM videos. I wonder how it compares to the Kronos synth engines - I have one and I'm considering the King Korg vs say the Access Virus TI Snow. Too many choices out there ATT. We didn't have these choices back in the 70's. When I was young it was the B3, Vox or Farfisa, later a portable Yamaha, Wurlitzer or Rhodes. Then came Moog.

13-Mar-13 08:16 PM

korgowner    Said...

WaveFormTX, KingKorg is much worse for editing than the Radias because it doesn't have all the program editing knobs that the Radias does. You'll need to dive through the LCD/OLED menus to edit any patch significantly, or use the software editor librarian. The Radias is much better for dynamic editing because of all the knobs. The KingKorg has no clothes.

13-Mar-13 09:13 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

I see what you are saying korgowner. Personally I own an MS2000 and an Alesis Ion. I'm just hoping for something new or improved, this KK seems like it's more of a gigging instrument.

13-Mar-13 10:28 PM

Pushbutton    Said...

Why have some of the really cool features of the radias been left out? E.g. Dual filters, comb filter, mod sequencer, waveshaper/sub osc, envelope curves etc.

14-Mar-13 01:38 PM

I've played a KING KORG!    Said...

My questions are:

Why is it so expensive?

Having played on it for 2 hours, I enjoyed myself a lot, but I just didn't feel like being £1000 lighter and taking him/her home. Its nice, its fun, the tube adds some grit, it can sound very musical,got some pretty good presets, pads etc, its smooth and yet you can get some crunch, but overall it didn't blow me away. The piano's and clavs section are truly terrible, not worth having on. Some of the filters are quite similar, but good and pretty smooth for a digital synth.The effects are Okish, a bit on the cheap side, adds a bit of fun but nothing special, unlike the upcoming Prophet 12 with its 4 digital delays!!

Overall I'd give it 6-6.5/10, I'm not really sure who its appealing to? Analog die hards proabably won't go near it, soft synth people can probably get most of the sounds already from VSTs, so my 2nd question is:


14-Mar-13 02:08 PM

JB    Said...

Who cares about the name. It's a nice shade of gold and is called King. Sometimes I think that it's the same trolls that go from place to place on the internet just to complain. Now to the really important does it SOUND?

15-Mar-13 10:33 PM

Alan    Said...

I agree with JB: Do you have anything better to do than complain about this synth? If you think it isn't worth the cost or hasn't enough knobs, then buy something you'll be happy with; just quit bitching!

16-Mar-13 08:22 AM

jondis    Said...

Looking forward to the video post ! ! ! Im wondering how much diferent sounding this is compared to let's say their microkorg xl ?

18-Mar-13 10:44 AM

Henri    Said...

can you ask if they will release a "Prince Korg" with 2.5 oct KB, and the same nr of knobs ?

18-Mar-13 05:57 PM

GTRsynth    Said...

I am glade to see someone put out a usable instrument with a full size keyboard and patch storage. It seems today every one is putting out toy instruments. I should not even call them instruments because they are usless to us musicians. Way too many analoge synths on the market today, I am so tired of that analoge sound.Over used and over cooked, give me something new for a change.

19-Mar-13 06:57 AM

gridsleep    Said...

For this much I might rather go with a classic Triton Extreme with the valve. Except I already have a rack with all the trimmings. And more VAs than I can shake a baton at. This might do for some youngster who doesn't have the dosh for classic equipment. When actually most of the classic VAs are cheaper. Yeah, it's nice, but not much more than nice, and nice doesn't open the wallet. Oh, and guys? KKK doesn't have good connotations here in the States. Just saying.

20-Mar-13 08:33 PM

gridsleep    Said...

Maybe they should've named it Korgzilla?

20-Mar-13 08:36 PM

gridsleep    Said...

And just as a point of fact, King Kong was about a hundred feet tall. Godzilla was eight hundred feet tall. If they'd been to scale in the movie, King Kong v. Godzilla would have been a one stomp no-contest. Korgzilla is definitely the better name, as well as being more a point of national pride.

20-Mar-13 08:42 PM

Knaniak    Said...

I bought it ;-) but ... where is the librarian software to edit the sounds on PC ?

22-Mar-13 05:37 AM

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