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Is It Possible To Make a Top 10 Hit In Your Bedroom?
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Laing french    Said...

Nnnnn 19 British hit first of its kind written recorded and mixed in his bedroom went to No 1 in the British charts.

12-Mar-13 04:58 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

Mixing is the biggest problem because most people do not have that "golden ear" to final mix there tracks. The recorded music must sound good on an iPod with simple ear plugs and at the same time a $10,000.00 home stereo system or a car radio. This is very hard to acomplish and can make or break a recording. People who have "golden ears" are very hard to find, that is why some studios do better then others. It's not all about the electronics, a large part is talent.

13-Mar-13 08:38 AM

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