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Korg Interview With MS20 Designers
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dtb200    Said...

Well, he's happy about it! Didn't catch all of what he said but understood the playing

11-Mar-13 01:32 PM

GROKlover    Said...

yeah! yeah! MS50! MS50! MS50! MS50! and SQ10 too! ... and why not also a new PS3300 version ?

in mini version and also in vst plugin and for ipad..

please KORG...

KORG is definitelly the BEST ! they have allways came with the greatest ideas of each moment ! their stuff is allmost always clever, cool and well priced

viva la KORG !!!

11-Mar-13 09:12 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Interesting reading for sure. I would love for them to get even more in depth. I can't wait for mine to arrive!

11-Mar-13 09:17 PM

BMeister    Said...

Holy synth groove Batman! :)

11-Mar-13 10:53 PM

Patrick    Said...

Too bad it's mini keys. I understand they didn't want to fully replicate the original ms20, but still, mini keys suck.

13-Mar-13 02:36 PM

Kahhhhnnn    Said...

At least they aren't mini keys like the microkorg. They are bigger. If you watch Automatic Gainsay's new videos on youtube you can pretty clearly see that they are.

19-Mar-13 10:25 PM

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